Are You Hardcore

Tweet The day YouPorn and Brazzer’s Are You Hardcore? Tour ended was a sad one, but there’s no sense in sitting around sulking about it. Not when there are so many fantastic pictures and videos from the parties online, giving a lucky few the chance to relive the glory of the parties and everyone else […]


Tweet Sure, the YouPorn & Brazzers Sponsored Are You Hardcore? Tour is over, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy the pictures and videos from the different parties. After all, the parties were Legen-… wait for it… dary! With parties in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, YouPorn made New England […]


Tweet Sun, beaches, babes… it seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the throws of a fantastic summer. Alas, the frosty bitch that is winter continues to rear her nasty head and it’s merely a matter of time before we are once again plummeted into the depths of an icy, snowy hell. Nay, I say! […]


Tweet The YouPorn & Brazzer’s Are You Hardcore? Tour has partied it’s way through five cities so far, starting at the Kennedy Soho in Orlando, FL, and tomorrow we invade the great state of Rhode Island. Look out Providence, we’re coming for you! If you’re in the area, come out to The Roxy and get […]


Tweet That’s right peeps, we’ve teamed up with the crew over at to put on one of the wildest, porn star-laden East Coast party tours you’ve ever seen! The Are You Hardcore? Tour kicks off in just six short days on Aug. 25 in Tampa, FL and from their will be hitting most major […]