TweetYouPorn, the award winning adult video streaming website measured how the 2014 World Cup affected European traffic when it comes to adult content. While some countries banned their players from having sex during the tournament, YouPorn traffic during the World Cup shows us that European football fans, as well as fans worldwide, are enjoying much […]

Tweet OH WIE IST DAS SCHON! Yes, indeed – how beautiful it is! Except maybe for YouPorn. The World Cup is on and Germans are glued to their televisions – instead of watching YouPorn. For shame! Just kidding Germany – the YouPorn team is watching too, but we managed to get the attention of our […]

Tweet The 2014 World Cup of Soccer (futbol) is rolling on and TVs around the globe are permanently tuned in as millions of viewers take in each match from all corners of the world. You can’t so much as walk down the street without seeing cars flying country flags or bars and coffee shops filled […]

TweetUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ve no doubt heard about a little event going on in Brazil called the World Cup. If our traffic stats from during matches are any indication, a lot of you are big fans of the game. So in honor of the 2014 World Cup’s […]

Tweet It’s no surprise that porn sites are some of the most trafficked sites in the world – YouPorn alone receives some 20 million visitors everyday – but as technologies progress and devices evolve, so too does the world of porn. On the back of announcing unlimited free video views for YouPorn mobile users comes […]

TweetFree porn lovers around the globe can rejoice today as we are happy to announce the long awaited end to mobile video view limits. Starting today, YouPorn Mobile has gone unlimited! Whenever and wherever the mood strikes, simply pull out your phone, load up, and enjoy as many or as few videos as it […]

Tweet If you’ve got a free account, you may have noticed your front page received a bit of a facelift this week as we released the new YouPorn Personalized Homepage to all logged in users. The new YouPorn Personalized Homepage was designed with our most loyal users in mind. We’ve cut the number of […]

Tweet You’ve put in your time, built up a big list of subscriptions including channels, pornstars, and users, but how do you know when you’ve got new videos from your subscriptions to watch? Easy! With YouPorn’s new notification system, you’ll never miss a new video from one of your favorite channels, pornstars, or users again. […]

TweetSome time ago we introduced the world to YouPorn Subscriptions, giving users the ability to subscribe to content from their favorite users, content partners, and pornstars; later in the year we improved upon YouPorn subscriptions even further, adding new features like the ability to search within subscriptions; now we’ve taken subscriptions one step further with […]

Tweet Forget your YouPorn password? Can’t find that video you uploaded? or maybe you can’t figure out how to make a new collection? Fear not! We’ve got the answers to all your burning, dirty little free porn questions covered with our new YouPorn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Gone are the days of having to email […]