Miss Teen Delaware Sex Tape & $250K YouPorn Offer

by YouPorn Jude on February 27, 2013 · 7 comments

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Yesterday, in a letter to the Miss Teen USA Pageant, Melissa King formally turned over her crown and resigned her post as Miss Teen Delaware after a hardcore sex tape of the teen queen found it’s way online. The video in question was shot in June 2012, just four months before King won her Miss Teen Delaware sash and crown. Though King reportedly denies any involvement in the video, the woman appearing in the sex tape does look and sound exactly like her. Lucky for us, Girls Do Porn, the studio responsible for the video, just so happens to be a YouPorn partner and have been kind enough to upload a preview of the Miss Teen Delaware sex tape for our viewing pleasure! So, what do you think, is it former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King in this sex tape? We certainly think so.

Miss teen Delaware sex tape preview – Melissa King powered by YouPorn.

Though King has resigned her title of Miss Teen Delaware, YouPorn has stepped in to take the sting out the situation, offering her a $250,000 deal to become the first ever Miss YouPorn! As the premier Miss YouPorn, King would get to travel the world in style, promoting YouPorn in the world’s sexiest, most exotic locations. Celebrity super site TMZ was the first to report the offer, and has a copy of the formal offer to King up for all to see. Check it out!

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  • Kineth

    I am very disappointed at TMZ’s lack of privacy concern for Mr. Burns. They censor her agent’s contact information, but publish Mr. Burns’ e-mail address for the world to see.

  • Anon

    I dont think the Youporn offer is BS though i do think incorrect reporting occurred. I think youporn is just trying to stay distanced until a final word is given by Miss King. I presume Miss King only has a few hours or days to decide on this offer and if if Youporn only invests say a little time then no harm no foul on there part. The story just drifts away

  • sevispac

    What a killjoy! Can’t you just let me have this fantasy? Melissa Maybe is one of the hottest girls in porn, and I WANT this story to be true!

  • sevispac

    Wow! Go Melissa! That video made the world a better place. It’s a shame that the Miss Teen USA organization doesn’t realize what a great opportunity they have here. Beauty pageants are pretty boring these days, but Melissa has changed that big time. I hope she parlays this into the kind of fame that Paris Hilton, Vanessa Williams, and Pamela Anderson did with their notoriety. When porn is mainstream more beauty will be shared like this.

  • MG

    $250,000 wow…Just Do it Melissa that´s your change, this´s your career, congratulations!

  • Shane

    Did she ever accept your offer?