Stop US Gov’t From Censoring Your Internet; Stop S.O.P.A!

by YouPorn Jude on December 2, 2011 · 183 comments

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Stop Internet Censorship, Stop SOPA

UPDATE: SOPA & PIPA have both officially been put on hold! They have not been killed, but they are on an indefinite hold until a consensus can be reached. It looks like we may be safe for the moment, but you can bet they’ll keep trying to push SOPA & PIPA or similar new legislation through. Don’t let your guard down, keep your eyes open and fight any legislation like SOPA & PIPA!

Update: Thanks to the support of YouPorn’s Twitter followers we were able to make “SAVE PORN” the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter during yesterday’s peak SOPA Blackout time! The tweet was shared more than 6,000 times across the world, continues to be shared every few mins, and has hopefully helped to bring awareness about SOPA to those that did not know about it before. Thank you all for your massive outpouring of support not only for YouPorn, but for all those fighting against SOPA and PIPA. Stick together, keep fighting, and we can keep these bills from becoming law. SAVE PORN, STOP SOPA!

save porn stop sopa youporn #1 trending topic on twitter

Update: Blackout Day is officially underway as Thousands of sites across the world have come together in a coordinated effort to put an end to SOPA & PIPA once and for all. Visit for a list of Blackout Day Supporters and more information on the SOPA and PIPA.

Watch the LiveStream of the New York Tech Meetup outside the offices of NY Senators Schumer & Gillibrand online here.

Update: Reddit has put out a fantastic guide to SOPA & PIPA outlining the differences and similarities between the two and what both bills will actually effect. Highly recommend reading this, great source of SOPA/PIPA info. Read it here.

Update: SOPA has officially been stalled in Congress! This doesn’t mean we’ve won, not by a long shot, but it does mean that we don’t have to worry about the passage of SOPA anytime soon. The problem now is the bill’s counterpart, PIPA (aka the Protect IP Act), is now being rammed through the Senate. Keep fighting, Keep speaking out, but now it’s time we changed targets to PIPA!

Reddit will still blackout on January 18th in protest of SOPA & PIPA. Wikipedia has joined the cause and have committed to blacking out for 24 hours on January 18th.

Update: 61 Senators are refusing to meet and speak with their constituents BEFORE the January 24th Vote on SOPA. Don’t let your Senators ignore your concerns to push SOPA through. Reach out to your Senator and demand that they oppose SOPA. See the Full List Here.

SOPA author and all-around ignoramus US Congressman Lamar Smith caught Infringing Copyrights on his OWN WEBSITE. Read more.

Update: How can you expect the passage of fair and just laws when the people passing them are bought and paid for? Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff wrote a column for the Salt Lake City Tribune spewing Pro-SOPA propaganda that, if not provided entirely by the MPAA itself, was taken directly from a number of the MPAAs own public statements. Full story here.

Reddit has committed to blacking out their entire site in protest of SOPA from 8am-8pm on January 18th! Read the story.

Update: The Senate is scheduled to vote on the proposed internet censorship bill (SOPA) this Tuesday, January 24. Fourty-One Senators must still be convinced to vote AGAINST SOPA if we have any hopes of preventing this bill from being passed into law. NDAA was already throttled through the system and passed into law, don’t let the government censor your internet next. Contact your Senators TODAY and demand they vote NO on SOPA this Tuesday, January 24!

Update: A leaked letter from the US Ambassador to Spain sent to Spain’s outgoing President reveals the US Government has threatened Spain with Trade Blacklisting should the country refuse to enact DNS site blocking laws like SOPA. Read the story here.

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian speaks out against the perils of SOPA in an interview with Bloomberg. Check out the video here.

Update: Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, PayPal, Wikipedia, AOL and Others are rumored to be discussing a combined “Blackout Day” in protest of SOPA. This is the kinda of support the Anti-SOPA movement needs. One can only hope that the massive disruptions caused by the blackout of these sites garners tons of media attention, rallies more people and organizations to the Anti-SOPA cause, and ultimately forces the US Government into reconsidering their stance on SOPA entirely.

Update: Hollywood Union members are circulating a widespread Petition requesting the MPAA and Hollywood Unions renounce their support for SOPA/PIPA. The petition can be found online here.

Update: Haven’t been able to confirm for sure, but rumor has it tomorrow’s schedule to continue MarkUp of SOPA has been cancelled and will take place in the New Year. Also, Two FireFox Plugins circumventing any DNS based website blocking have already been released. They can try to censor the internet, but there will always be ways around it.

Update: House Judiciary Committee set to continue MarkUp of SOPA on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Petition for Presidential Veto of SOPA if passed receives 25,000 signatures in 2 days. Spread the word about SOPA, the more people that know about it the better chance we have of preventing it’s passage!

Update: SOPA Vote Adjourned Until 2012 – Keep Fighting, We haven’t won yet!

Update: Watch the House Judiciary Committee’s markup of S.O.P.A. live HERE.

A new Bill (Stop Online Piracy Act [SOPA – HR3261]) is making its way through the varying stages of the US Government and could have long standing, globe spanning, detrimental effects on the Internet as we know it. Simply put, the Bill, if passed into law, will put the power of Internet Censorship into the hands of the US Government, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and some of the biggest Entertainment Industry Corporations in North America (ex. RIAA and MPAA).

The US Government plans to achieve it’s goal of Internet Censorship by instituting a DNS blocking system similar too those already in use by such noted pro-censorship governments as Syria, Iran, and China, though it is rumored that the US System could be much worse for the end-user than any of those already in use.

If passed, SOPA will destroy the Internet as we know it, giving various branches of the US Government and countless Entertainment Industry Corporations absolute authority over the contents of the Internet as seen in North America. Not only will the bill hamper if not utterly destroy countless technological innovations, it could spell the end of online competition, and mean the beginning of massive online monopolies run by the biggest corporations in the entertainment industry. Not to mention the fact that any pre-existing site (like YouPorn) could be blocked from all of North America by said Government or Corporations at the drop of a hat, with or without merit.

What it really comes down to is: Are you willing to put absolute control of the Internet into the hands of the US Government and a select few entertainment industry corporations? I know I’m not, YouPorn sure as hell isn’t, the entire PornHub Network isn’t, and the hundreds of thousands of companies and people that have joined the cause? You can bet your ass they don’t.

Corporations are NOT People; Pizza is NOT a Vegetable; the Internet should NOT be Censored. STOP SOPA!

Watch the SOPA Video for more info and check out the informational SOPA Infographic, but most importantly, use the embedded form below to call your local Senator and SAY NO TO SOPA!



    • Awampler_uai114

      Good call nessienena. I also will try to stop this travesty!

      • Discarddiscarddiscard


        Travesty is a little harsh, doncha think? Maybe it’s just a fiasco. It’s certainly not to the level of a cabal just yet.

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      You’re right. The government (notice the ‘n’ in government) can’t run Damn (notice the ‘n’ in damn) Thing. The government can’t run a damn thing either.

      What have you got against the letter ‘n’?

      • uninvited guest

        with a name like Nessienena, I’d say “very little.”

  • Nessienena

    If this bill passes, it would be the begining of the end of the first amendment of our constution. Therefor, it could destroy all individual privacy in this, the most free nation on earth. Moreover, It would make the United States no better than any ather dictorship.

    • Djose15

      Most free nation on earth my ass

      • Discarddiscarddiscard

        So, the free nation is on Earth, or on your ass? Or, do you call your ass by the name of Earth? I don’t get it.

        • YouAreATroll


    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      You may be too young to remember, but there hasn’t been any privacy in America since the FBI evolved from chasing beer during prohibition, to investigating interstate crime.

    • el toro

      if you were free, you wouldn’t have to be told so.

  • Thoughtful

    I believe you’re missing the point of the bill. SOPA deals not with censorship, but (as stated in the name) online piracy. I have friends throughout the entertainment industry (individuals, not corporations) whose income consists of royalties on the sales of their work. When folks don’t buy movies because they’re posted on the internet for free, it’s these individuals that lose. And I’m not talking about big name pop stars – these people are the backstage crew, the scenic designer, the songwriter.

    Or to put it in terms of this area, if you were a porn star, would you really be all that pleased if nobody bought your videos because they could see substantially all of it for free online?

    • Awampler_uai114

      Who gives a shit about the fat cat entertainment industry? They make far, far too much money. If you’re gonna try to make me feel sorry for someone, it won’t be them!

      • Concerned Citizen

        You are vile ugly person. It’s peoples attitudes such as yours that have caused law abiding people to pursue these kind of laws. Talk about being narcissistic, you actually believe that the guy was talking directly to you by making you feel sorry for someone as you say. It all comes down to intent. What do you intend to do? Steal other people work without paying for it? This has nothing to do with how much one makes it comes down to; are you going to steal!

        • Youarethinkingwithyourass

          There are alternatives to fight piracy. Giving the power to some corporations to block any website at anytime with no previous notice and sometimes without proper investigation and due process is not the way to do it.

          • chalas ,

            Lol they already have ICE raiding without due process!!! imagine after this crap bill passes

          • jojo

            What nobody say is that the SOPA will force all Porn-related websites/blogs to have an .XXX extension which will finally result in filtering them easily for child protection software.
            This is gonna be financially destruction for all of them and that’s why they’re fighting against the law. if you thought a single second that they’re worried about your freedom…you’re really dumb..

          • I’ve been very closely following the SOPA news and listened to the full House Judiciary Committee MarkUp of the bill as well as it’s proposed amendments all-day yesterday and this is the first time I have heard any mention of the bill having anything what so ever to do with .XXX. It’s possible one of the many, many amendments to the bill has .XXX language in it, but to the best of my knowledge none of the proposed amendments have been approved either.

            Our concern over SOPA is purely based on the fact that we will not support a Government’s right to assign censorship control of the internet to a handful of Governmental departments and the biggest Entertainment Corporations in North America, if not the world. SOPA is nothing more than a Lobbyist backed bill to put more money in the pockets of Entertainment Execs and more power in their hands. Time and time again both sides have proven their ineptitude when it comes to anything technological and they have no right to make decisions of this magnitude when they very clearly have little to no understanding of what they are attempting to pass and it’s ramifications.

          • Discarddiscarddiscard

            Damn right. They can’t tell us what we can and cannot mail either. Wait, they can. . . . ?


          • Discarddiscarddiscard

            Right, nobody is say that. We can’t force porn relations to use .XXX to protect us from child porn. But, if we are going to fight against the law, let’s do it fighting against this law. And if I was dumb, I don’t know if I would know how to think a single second, for even for a single second.

          • Discarddiscarddiscard

            You can only fight piracy with a bigger boat and longer swords. Tee hee, the fucking porn comes down a wire you dolt. The phone and cable companies are the real pirates. I say “Give me more bandwidth, not more plastic disks”.

        • Discarddiscarddiscard

          @Constipated Citizen
          Vile, ugly, and narcissitic. I think we might be projecting a little. Tsk, tsk, did mommy make us not like ourselves?

        • VickieV

          No, i plan on masterbaiting to it. Also any movie stars or singers (etc) earn money from movies or concertsm and the rich people that use itunes. Stop speaking out of your asshole, go watch some porn and shut the fuck up

      • Discarddiscarddiscard

        And they come from a place far, far away too.

    • good idea, buttt…

      though its a valiant cause, this bill, if passed, could be interpreted and perverted the way all ambiguous legislature is. it would most likely fail to stop piracy, and it could very well be used to circumvent the first amendment.

      • Thoughtful

        Valid point. However, it is my opinion (worth every penny you paid for it) that if this bill is indeed modified or interpreted, it would be along the lines of simply giving a bit of backbone to existing copyright legislation. It would be political suicide to even suggest something that could be spun as trashing the first amendment to the Constitution.

        • Wanker

          So you’re in favor of legislation that halts piracy, that’s fine.

          SOPA however is giving the corporations access to the red button on any website they see as a “rogue operator” without any due process. SOPA is wrong, yes it is censorship and it’s plain fucking evil.

          Not to mention that it won’t actually stop piracy. You can’t stop piracy by taking down websites. New ones pop up, people are a little annoyed and go to a new site, that’s it.

          The only thing that actively reduces piracy is services like netflix and spotify. They make it affordable and it’s easier than pirating. It’s the entertainment industry’s own fault it refuses to evolve.

          Honestly and I am completely serious, if it’s either SOPA or no more entertainment industry, we would be better of without the entertainment industry; artists will keep making art regardless.
          Should we really support industries that are useless? No.

        • WTFiswrongwithpeople

          Now hold on a minute. I agree with you 100% that piracy is a bad thing although even during the recent recession when you think companies would lose more money because of piracy most actually made record profits but that’s for another discussion… Copyright Infringement and piracy are civil matters plain and simple. I can not understand how a CIVIL MATTER that should be dealt with in civil courts is getting federal legislation to back it. That makes no fucking sense. Oh wait companies that claim they are losing money due to piracy are putting millions and millions of dollars into trying to pass bills to protect themselves. Why don’t they just use keep that money instead of wasting it on stupid ass legislation that is only going to hurt their market and other companies they deem, as Wanker said, “rouge operators”. SOPA is a bunch of shit and I honestly can not believe after the last senate bill they tried to pass failed they came up with the SOPA bill to bring to the table. Sad and pathetic.

          • Discarddiscarddiscard

            First, copywrites are a government granted protection. Second, to quote Cheech Marin, “recession, repression, it’s all the same thing.”
            Third, a company is a legal entity with all the rights and responsibilities as any other citizen. How they spend their money is their choice. Fourth, by spending their millions of dollars, they are protecting billions of dollars in profits. Fifth, doesn’t it feel great to talk out your ass. Kinda clears your mind, doesn’t it.

      • Discarddiscarddiscard

        Shut the fuck up about the First Amendment.

    • Nickatron22

      yeah but everyone know that america being the best at abusing their power, they WILL abuse this, and start censoring shit they have no right to censor
      also, the entertainment industry doesnt need any more money

    • land_of_the_fucked

      yeah but then theres no more free porn, or youtube, or anything else that you turn ur computer on to look at! essentially it will throw us into the DARK AGES of internet. ask your parents if they remember when “the information superhighway” only had message boards and “electronic mail” do u want tomorrows internet to be more worthless than it was 20 years ago? fuck this bill, fuck obama, and fuck bev perdue (nc gov). the future is garbage… just look around you watch ur rights get stripped away 1 at a time. if i were u id start saving up to move to england cuz USA is done as a society

      1776 – 2012

      • Sadly, England & the rest of the UK isn’t much better. They’ve been pushing through their own liberty crushing laws, but at last they don’t intend to censor the internet… yet.

      • Discarddiscarddiscard

        If you fuck this bill, fuck Obama, and fuck Bev Perdue, then you should put the video of it on YouPorn. Please put it in the Gay section so you can find it later.


        Well stated to land_of_the_fucked, and you can add camera’s that give speeding tickets. I drove my whole life and know safe driving late at night has nothing to do with 55 miles an hour. Arizona had a revolt and removed that sytem. This Country can go to dark ages, then what happens? Nothing but revolt…

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      No, not be pleased at all. And as you stated “they could see substantially all of it,” and we adult performers do have a substantial amount of it, i.e., bigger dicks, and bigger tits. It is funny though that we have lost all of our pubic hair.

  • JermaineKosier

    The Piracy Act is like a sugur coated turd… It Might look all sweet and sticky on the outside, given a name to make you feel it was made with nobel intentions… But for the other people who have already eaten it know all too well… A shit, is a shit, is a shit… No matter which way you try to eat it!

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      • Discarddiscarddiscard

        Couldn’t care less.

  • coen

    dont try to stop xxx,it will make a new generation with new way to enjoy the art of porn

  • Bevin

    We Love YOUPORN! it should be going on……

  • Everyone like us

    Say no to SOPA!

  • Fjs

    I know, I’ll make an online petition…
    Wait, those suck dick too.

    • Yeah, unfortunately those don’t seem to do shit.

      • protest

        there have been many successful online campaigns, petitions are just one method – and they do help. anything that supports a protest is valid regardless of impact/outcome metrics.

        • Discarddiscarddiscard

          Let’s “occupy” it! Where do I bring my tent? That’ll show ’em. And we’ll leave a lotta trash too.

  • fuckthegov

    there would be a pretty nice civil war if they started doing this shit

    • goverhater

      we should probably just ban .gov

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      How can we have a Civil War if we have to fight with our dicks in our hands?

  • Kyle_rulzzz

    The building blocks of democracy are crumbling at the seems, don’t let your freedom, and way of life be destroyed by your government america, this is nonsense!

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      Dude, chill. Seams (check your spelling please) don’t crumble, they unravel. Mixing metaphors isn’t going to lend much credibility to your argument.

      • uninvited guest

        unless they are seams of rocks or soil “water partakes of the qualities, good or bad, of the seams through which it flows.”

  • guest

    Don’t worry guys, even if the bill passes, there are always workarounds to get to the blacklisted sites. This is a war government will never win.

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      WTF – we found WMDs in Iraq. Didn’t we?

      Sorry, nevermind

  • Irritated

    Hey, the military can already arrest us under suspicion of terrorism with no probable cause. It was bad enough when I got watch-listed for buying diesel for my truck and fertilizer for my lawn on the same credit card. “Those who are willing to give up freedom for security will lose both.”

    • Great quote.

      • Sanchez79

        The actual quote is “Those who are willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” But yes, great quote.

  • Freddie

    i support the US Govt

    • mepmep

      Fuck the US govt! 60% of the internet traffic is porn!

      • the internet is for PORN

        suffering from dyslexia? 90% is porn… thats the main reason i even opened my laptop today

  • It’s all good

    I live in England, so I don’t give a shiny shit about all this.

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      I saw on “MythBusters” that one can shine shit, actually.

  • land_of_the_fucked

    since when did America become fucking CHINA! if that shit goes thru anyone with an ipod/iphone might as well chuck their shit in the trash, thats the only reason i got one for my GF!
    …maybe this is what causes Armageddon

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      Landy, don’t you know that China owns most of the US treasury debt? We are China. Learn to speak Mandarin. Learn it soon.


    Don’t let the u.s. goverment , don’t allow any rules over the internet, just remember the channels by satelital, that’s infair.

  • JP

    HA! it didnt happened f*cktards!

  • JP

    now….i’m going to watch some porn.. if u dont mind

  • Dgsjg

    noen som vil bange

  • Guest

    For God’s sake, please hire a copy editor. If you ever want anyone to care about this, you need to be able to communicate why this is important. The above statement does little to accomplish this and it is full of grammatical errors. There have to be literate porn lobbyists, right? Hire them, please. They’ll do more for your cause than anyone, prompted by this site, calling or contacting their Congressional reps. You can couch this issue in freedom of speech or censorship, but frankly it is related to porn and it’s difficult for many regular folk to talk about.

    • Discarddiscarddiscard

      You are so right. I find that I write better then them now. I used to be stupid, than I went to skool. The instant I see the consecutive ‘then’ used in place of the alternative ‘than’, I usually stop reading.

      The rest of you, carry on…. This is grown-up talk.

    • I apologize if my linguistic abilities aren’t up to your standards. By all means, feel free to write your own informational SOPA story, at least then you’d be positively contributing to the issue instead of making needless comments.


    WELL I HOPE IT PASSES! Tube sites have been killing new productions but basically stealing content from producers that PAID $$ to produce videos. So I hope the likes of youporn, porhub, etc. will be blocked forever in this country and others. Tube people are running scared because this bill will pass and it’s game over for you guys..

    • NO2U

      ^ clueless

      • YES2SOPA

        Yeah clueless because you’re not the one whose fucking videos are stolen.

        • Anonymous

          While I don’t support stealing commercial content and posting it on sites like YP or YT (for non-adult content) this bill could, and would also hurt original, non-infringing user generated content (both adult and otherwise) simply due to the fact that the sites that allow users to post user created content would most definitely be blocked, simply due to the fact that those same sites can be used to post infringing content.

          For example, the vast majority of YT’s content is user created and legal… there are just a few “bad apples” that illegally post copyrighted content. Because of those few, the entire site could get blocked… taking away a very useful website for expressing ones self.

          And for those against this bill because User Generated non-infringing content lowers their profits… well that sucks for you. Create better content, and maybe you could co-exist with user generated content.

          • Thank you for making a well thought out & intelligent comment.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, and by the way… interesting fact… More ORIGINAL content is uploaded to YouTube every year than aired on TV from 1960-2011… If SOPA or any law similar to it were to ever pass, it would put an end to that.

    • I’m alright Jack…

      This is America goddammit.**

      ** – follow the money

    • RKL

      fuck you and all your high and mighty cooperate assholes that seem to want to
      rule the world, try this and you will destroy your bottom line,,,, for we the people will find a way
      to save the net,,, even if it take going over the top of you to do it…


      • SOPA

        Well mother fucker, I hope someone robs you after you get your paycheck. Maybe then you’ll get an idea of how it feels to have your shit stolen, dumb shit.

        • Charlie

          Just because you use mother fucker and dumb shit in your comment doesn’t mean you will get any where. Porn, (like it or not) is an expression of speech. It is not the government’s place to intervene in what we read, what we watch, what we write or what we believe in. I would rather live in a completely chaotic, violent and insecure world where sex, drugs, gambling, drinking and every other “dirty and inapropriate” practice imaginable is rampant than live in a secure world where we pathetically give up our freedom to make sure no parents are hurt or no singer is deprived of his money.
          Government should be targeting websites like frost wire and other file sharing sites with copyright lawsuits like they did with lime wire instead of trying to censor things, because there is always a way around it.
          “When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” (Declaration of Independence).
          The reason I chose to bring up this quote was to show that the document that led the founding of our nation states that we deserve “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation” which is the right to feel how we want and to express ourselves however we want.
          It is not the government’s place to censor the Internet because if we were all equal then we as a people would decide what would and would not be censored.

          • Inukiluvr

            I agree with you on this one love~

          • Fotiaautos

            Well put, Charlie, well put :)

          • User

            Well Put Charlie,
            as an outsider (thankfully), but worked closely to intelligence, im afraid its more to do with control and profits nowdays within the goverment, rather than freedom and security. you all know your gonna be shafted, and to be honest there are more intellegent people visiting the tube sites than their puppetmasters.
            sad day for democracy, which means a good day for dictatorship.

    • Lucky Lady

      Actually the issue here is that producers never got “hip” to the newer technology and basically fell behind. Sometimes I wonder how better the music industry would be if they had worked with Napster instead of fight them. What producers have to understand is that “pirates” are more efficient and reach a bigger audience. What producers should do is work with Tube sites (and other independent social media) to come to a solution that works for everyone. Producers have to understand that when you shut down one site, three others pop up. Fighting social media is a losing battle.

      • Guest

        Electronic music is a prime example of the power of working with rather than fighting against these forms of mass distribution. New previously unknown produces emerge by the day one track they produce in their living room is suddenly being listened to on a million computers, none of whom paid for it, albeit lower quality. Then the bigger names pay them to remix their songs, they make money off higher quality versions on sites like beatport and itunes, and they get DJ gigs all over the world. Embrace change people, business models become outdated and need updating all the time. Stop being cavemen trying to force us all to accommodate your inability to adapt. Natural selection says out with the old in with the new.

    • Miller

      where will they get all the traffic to promote their sites? joins will decrease heavily if tube traffic disappears. You are either a dumb troll or a dumb sopa activist – you choose.

    • needstobefucked

      sopa, do you realize you are on the youporn website as you complain about it? how ironic. i perceive you as a hypocrite. now i’m gonna do what i came here to do: buzz myself to orgasm

    • Maxcraven

      there will be others that will come and tube sites rule fuck paying for this porn shit the day i have to pay is the day i no longer watch

    • Singleflmustang7

      hey get on these nuts fucko

    • 1984

      FUCK YOU BASTARD, Probably couldn’t get any pussy bastard

  • Fromtheinternets.

    Fun Fact, The Author of the bill and the vast majority of its sponsors have openly admit to not knowing SHIT about how the internet operates. They pretty much admit that this is nothing more than a bill to appease their Big Business Exec Overlords. Anyway, SOPA was shot down and they never even called a vote for it. The next Threat is the Senates own version of Sopa which is the Protect IP act.

  • SOPA
  • Fromtheinternets.

    Oh yeah i forgot to mention, an ORIGINAL song put together by P Diddy,, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, The Game, Mary J Blige , Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather and Jamie Foxx, In support of Sites like Mega Upload and Mega video, ( you know the ones that tend to host this pirated material) was flagged by UMG and taken down, even though they didn’t have ANY right to the song or video. Why? Because they had previously made a Deal with Youtube (before Google’s Acquisition of the site that google now has to honor) that gives them the right to flag ANYTHING as copyright infringement even if they hold No copyright for the material.

  • Mr. Grammer

    massive online monopolies run **be** the biggest corporations

    • Missed that, thanks!

      • Discarddiscarddiscard

        “Just doin’ what I can with what I’ve got.”

        My favorite line from “Tremors”.

  • Discarddiscarddiscard

    I belive that the laws of any jurisdiction, e.g., city, state, country, are designed to make anything and everything illegal. When ‘they’ want to *stop* you; ‘they’ just pick a crime that sorta fits, and that ‘they’ think they can convict you, or injunct you with.

    In America I think, they just want to keep the ‘vice’ rolling at a low roar. Yet still, if adult entertainment had as big a lobby as the banks do, then porn would be too big to fail. Don’tcha think?

  • Noneya

    hey there “YES2SOPA” GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU COMMIE BASTARD! Your father should have came in your mothers mouth instead of her nasty ass pussy. Its faggots like you that fuck everything up. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor, and go jump off a cliff.

    • SOPA

      Well, since you like stolen stuff. Hope you go steal something at the store so you can go to jail and get your ass raped there.

      • User

        and since you’re such a greedy ba&^%$*@, hope SOPA leaves you so broke you’ll be begging to get raped

    • Charliegaines96

      You are a complete idiot. I feel like I could have an semi-intelligent conversation with sopa but you should just not comment if you are going to be so immature. It’s like having an argument with a ghetto sixth grader.

  • Laborer

    people first off are making more than billions of dollars on porn.. second as a person that works their ass off 40 hours a week for a paycheck that still puts me and my family well below poverty.. Damn me for wanting to get my money’s worth out of the internet rather than you making a few more million? buy a starbucks franchise or a strip club instead of whining about problems that aren’t as big on the scale of hurting humans as scandelous people playing other people against eachother for money. Do something good in your lives. maybe more than 1 thing good.. leave your change afer you buy something for the next person and see what karma gives you!

  • WTFiswrongwithpeople Watch this video for a lot of info about SOPA the biggest POS ever!!!

  • Jbod1983

    If this bill passes, you might as well give the government the right to censor the truth about everything in life and let them decide what you should know. in other words, the next thing that will happen is the government will start telling the world bold faced lies about actual events and start distorting history books…Oh wait…They do that already!


    I’ll tell you why. because if we all knew the truth about things like 9/11; among other things, then we wouldn’t vote for those in power and there would be a major over-throw of governments. This is the one and only reason why censorship exists in the first place. So they can control what we perceive as the truth!


  • Big Rickz

    This total bs!
    Land of the free? Isn’t what makes this country different (succesfull) freedom?

  • Big Rickz

    Don’t let the government don’t let the govt add another barrier to protect the visibility of their own sloppy corruption.

    When dose that alleged kingpin from Sinaloa due for trial? What did he say the dea allowed him to bring to the USA? Oops!

  • Anonymous

    People of the World, We are anonymous.

    This another way the big government of the USA is trying to control your lives. The government does not have the right to know your business, what you watch online, or to stop you from seeing any content online. This bill and the recent NDAA bill combined are late stages of a modern police state foundation such that George Orwell is spinning in his grave. The media is already biased, television, radio, the presidential debates. Everything is controlled, and the internet is next.

    If you have not yet woken up to the reality of the police state we’ve been warning you about, I hope you realize we are fast running out of time. Once this becomes law, you have no means of obtaining information whatsoever in America. — no more truth, no more internet, no right to be free, nothing.

    The Current US administration does not want us to speak, to find the truth, or do be ourselves.

    We are anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive Censorship.
    We do not forget Oppression.
    President Obama
    Expect Us

    • Victorgutierrez0

      US CONSTITUTION,ARTICLE 1, SECTION 5, CLAUSE 8: “The Congress shall have the power … to Coin Money, Regulate the value thereof…CONGRESS HAS NO AUTHORITY TO DELEGATE THIS RESPONSIBILITY TO THIRD PARTIES.”

      • Victorgutierrez0

        ANONYMOUS, we NEED your help! We must knock out the FEDERAL RESERVE PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK by proving it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

        • Victorgutierrez0

          while the criminal mastermind 1% politicians worry about their little internet plan, let’s KNOCK OUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE COMPLETELY! take them by surprise

          • Victorgutierrez0


  • Angel

    If you think about it, if we give them the power to censor the place where we are able to speak the most freely, we will no longer be able to speak. This is just my opinion, but I think it would quickly get to the point where whatever they don’t agree with goes. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  • Salathielligons

    Here they go again telling us what we can do and not and what we can read and not read stop this crap now!

  • tph920

    this is just another form of control the us government always whats what they cant have next there will be a tax on using ur own internet computer we have to stand up stop this or things wont change they already walk over us on gas we let them take jobs homes now they want to own the internet 2 people stop letting ur government take things from u start making them give back to us DONT LET THEM TAKE OUR INTERNET

  • Samantha

    I find it funny that this is happening considering some of the other places it happened to are being overthrown as we speak. There are more American people than we have in our army do they really want to have our people over throw our own government? I don’t care either way our government is already broken.

  • anonymous

    thats against are natural rights

  • FuckSOPA

    Fuck the Corporations. Fuck the politicians! Fuck the lobbyists! And Fuck SOPA!

  • Inukiluvr

    why do they have to get in our business, don’t like it don’t look it up! Is this really what we’ve come too? Next you won’t be able to be naked in your own house…

  • Guest

    Americans have one chance left with Ron Paul, he doesn’t win then you are screwed…along with the rest of us.


    An aide to bill sponsor Lamar Smith has said, “This bill does not make it a felony for a person to post a video on YouTube of their children singing to a copyrighted song. The bill specifically targets websites dedicated to illegal or infringing activity. Sites that host user content—like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter—have nothing to be concerned about under this legislation”. Thought this would help ease the debate a little. Dont get me wrong…the idea of the Gov. having that much controll over the web makes me REALLY pissed, but I agree with both sides having concerns.


    I will Say This is now war, if this bill passes the united states govt/and the supporters will have declared official war against the People of the united states of america, This stuff will not only infringe rights of Americans but foreigners looking at american sites that are blocked, This will be a catastrophic event, Not Just Americans but people all around the world will hate us even more for Their Disgraceful acts, The people are not aware what will happen, YOUR NOT ONLY INFRINGING OUR RIGHTS BUT EVERYONE IN THE WORLDS, hows that for a revolutionary war, Myself and MANY OTHERS ARE WILLING TO DIE for Freedom, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH, And now im going to go ILLEGALLY download about 1tb of music games and movies FUCK SOPA

    United as one,
    Divided By Zero
    We Are Anonymous
    We are citizens of the web

  • Mielnik

    I get horny sex all of the time.

  • Mielnik

    I like bought the internet to have sex. For 300 million dollars to sleep with your wife and bang her daughters friends. Make me extremely horny and extremely wet to have sex with tiney little virgin hoe’s.

  • Mielnik

    I am extremely wet and extremely horny to be able to live a life full of sex. And all of the connections that I am making are so errotic to have some. When I wake up and feel all wet from a wet dream to have a clean up of orgasmic welch. My life begins to take off in to a place full of passion. To keep my life flowing this way.

    I get to use all of the personal growth. To keep myself a original master at having sex. When I use myself a personal order to keep climax as a gift. If I want to see the moment that I get so much sex from I have to see passion. I really love the horny feeling that all of the connections have to magiclly disappear from and to re appear.

    In to a pefect orgasm my feelings are in you. I get ready to magically manipulate a person to have sex with me. If you are interested to molest me get me at now. I have to see that I get to make a contribution to my penis life.


  • Aussie

    lol listen to all you Yanks. “This is America goddamn it” “the Military this” “Civil war that”. Fuck you people are on yourself. You think your the only country on the planet, that the earth is flat and if there is any hint of a part of the planet being curved you flatten it. No wonder the world hates you. ou want to control everything out side your own front yard, but your backyard is the most out of control of all, serial killers, popping caps in each others arses (sorry asses, we call donkeys asses in Aust). to Quote “Irritated”; “Those who are willing to give up freedom for security will lose both.” well mate you dont have either”. You might think you have but you dont know what it is. Can ou go out and leave our house unlocked? I can because “this is Australia Goddamn it”. Ps I dont like censorship, however if there is a means to prevent my kids or another stumbling across my online wank fodder, I can deal with typing in xxx instead of dot com or what ever other means anyone else can present. I dont want kids seeing it an more than I want them smoking.

  • Earnhardtlover12

    taking away everything can not smoke in public but can carry guns any where srcewed up gov.vets live in cars but another country needs anything we give it to them screw our country it seems richer gets richer poorer get poorer


    S – Stupid
    O – Obsessive
    P – Political
    A – Assholes

    SOPA will ruin everything, it will do very VERY VERY tiny good, compared to all the HORRIBLE it will cause. SOPA will halt innovation, piss ME off, crowd are jails even more with their bullshit prison sentences for even posting an illegal link, and give the government even more control over are country. If you ask me, America wants itself to fail, why else would they keep passing bills that hinder us? If this bill is pass, i will lose all hope for this “democracy” we live in.

    Did you know the internet gross’s more money from innovations, ideas, and products, than illegal content even causes us too lose each year? That right there has the answer in itself.

    Theirs only one right anwser, and i think i have it down pat.


  • GusHombre

    S.O.P.A. has the potential to make a horror movie of any social network.

  • chickwholovesporn

    This is outrageous. If we let this pass, it will be a detrimental blow to human freedom and expression. Not to mention that it might stand between me and loads upon loads of free porn. Looks like 1984 came a bit late, folks.

  • Devon Connor

    this is nooott right at alll you cant ban a place where guys can just have a moment to relax. f gov and stop S.O.P.A

  • Jezzer101

    Wow i always thought america was the land of the free , the freedom or speech , the freedom of information , freedom to bear arms . So in the land of the free , it appears that speach is about to be curtailed , information restricted and arms can only be borne by those who fit into the governments ideal . Looks to me like America under Obama is about to enter a new age , slavery is returning but this time its the average American who is the slave to corporate greed and political desires . Fight back guys , if America falls to the corporation then the rest of the world will soon follow .

    • linds

      whilst i dont necessarily disagree with everything you said, it’s your last sentence that has me really baffled. you americans are so ignorant thinking that the rest of the world has no autonomy and are lemmings to america. hate to tell you, but although america is a strong trade market and does many great things, there are other countries out there that are capable of thinking for themselves. in fact america is often a good example to the rest of us in what NOT to do!!

      • Danny_bayne2006

        I have one question how many mcdonalds or other american corporations are active in your little country? Because if you think of America in geographics then you should feel safe but reality is all those american based companies are active agents for our goverments ideals and enslave your people by debt. We once were the light of the world now we are the evil empire evil empire

        • Danny_bayne2006

          check out the federal reserve its a private cartel of bankers, rothschild, rockefellar, j.p. morgan and others all own stock in the Fed. The Fed controls the markets through many means but mainly how much money is in circulation which can cause inflation or deflation. They can make loans at no intrest or grants, virtually they make presidents and millionaires straight off the printing press virtually the

          • Danny_bayne2006

            goverment is for the fed it makes them wealthy and powerfull. Meanwhile for every dollar that is printed by the federal reserve our goverment issue bonds to the fed which has intrest added to the original amount of the dollars printed. So your currency has debt buit into it. its the reason your prices or going up so fast

          • Anon

            that’s the biggest piece of shitty ignorance i’ve ever read.

      • Anon


    • Independant Atheist?

      Well lad, to be honest, 2/3 of the world hates America, so we can always have some freedom in the Middle-East :D……wait…That doesn’t make sense :/…nevermind : (

      As to your ”America rules everything” statement, i hope that you”ll remember that 99% of PURE American citizens have EUROPEAN ancestors?

      Asia doesn”t listen to America, neather does anything else in the East, Europe is independent, so yeah, the only place going from bad to TOTAL shitstorm is Northern America :/, so well atleast the rest of your statements are true :D.

  • Anonymous

    There won’t be censorship ! you need to use a VPN to unblock sites like YP ! find one on this comparison engine :

  • Zeus Rules

    STOP This, we can not let this destroy the internet as we know IT

  • Take On Me

    We’re going to see many examples of this sort of thing in the next ten years and the cause is two-fold. For one, we have a very flawed lobby system (which is the easiest way to corrupt a representative society like ours) and we have people who genuinely want to increase the amount of control government has on others they disagree with. I do not believe there is a conspiracy really, aside from the conspiracy to make money (which is hardly a conspiracy, more of a market force). It’s more just a matter of people saying, “Hey. I want government to make this problem go away.” That enters the political machine and becomes legislation, which then gets passed if it sounds politically helpful for politicians wanting to get re-elected. It’s the same reason penalties for marijuana got so out of control. And there will be hundreds of other things like it one day.

    The reason people are mad is partially thanks to the fact that a bad economy is showing people that the role of a government is not how many problems it can fix in a society when they have no idea what they’re doing half the time.

    As for copyright law, it seems legislation is not going to solve this “problem” (if indeed there is a problem that needs some sort of intervention by government). The answer is to make it easier to access data legitimately rather than with more difficulty or expense to the consumer. Ordinarily free markets would handle this sort of thing by filling a need with a new product (like video and music streaming), but we have this nanny state mentality that – whether you agree with it or not – is simply not economically or politically feasible. I’m not gonna do the Ron Paul cheer, because I think more people are thinking about things this way, and I think it’s a change that’s coming with or without him in the white house as we find more congressmen who share his views and realize the popularity and political power of it.

  • CanadianBACON EH?

    I live in Canada, but I support you’re cause to prevent this, BTW if this happens, Canada will BECOME the most free land in the world..

  • CanadianBACON EH?

    And that would be sad for USA… They have enough LAWS in the Reality of life, Now they plan on placing laws on virtual reality where people go to GET away from all their shit… Nice Job American Government…

  • Killuminati

    new world order……………

  • Rhinosdabom

    You’re all IDIOTS! the us govt is in so much shit right now they couldn’t give a fuck about people watching porn on the internet also America is the home of capitalism THEY ALWAYS WANT MORE MONEY!!! porn sites=cash in flow from horny fuck wits who dont have girlfriends and those who had gf’s but broke up and want to watch porn…all you americans are so ignorant of the political system and the politics of the world it’s actually very funny to read your comments on various news blogs about various political topics…that is of course to an Australian teenager (myself) who knows more about the American economy and political system than the average american…oh how I love you arrogant bastards :P

  • Rhinosdabom

    ALSO!! I forgot to put this in my previous comment wouldn’t censoring the Internet take away a few freedom rights…and there are a lot of freedom right mentioned in the US constitution…therefore they can’t actually do this without changing the constitution…not that all you arrogant bastards would care… :D

  • Philip Schmitz


  • Lavendariah

    What kind of a sad, bland world could this become if sopa happens. Think, it’s not just porn. You take away sexuality, artistic expression, music, commerce *cough*(gunbroker), social groups, online dating/encounters. When asked a few years ago at ROFL con, a furry asked Moot the question of a ‘versus’ scenario. “Who would win, the goverment or anonymous?” There wasn’t a concrete answer then, but considering the situation now, we should observe and be aware of how things play out. I just hope when the dust settles there’s an internet worth returning to, with Nyan cats, and epic meal time, learning how to make cheese, online games, and the very purpose of the internet made plain by Avenue Q.

  • DDR

    It’s is said that the west is not like communist china. But it seems the freer we are the more regulated we become ist this a type of comunisim

  • Coax145

    no no NO

  • fred B.

    this goes against every thing the U.S.A stands for the people that support it need to get there head out of the clouds and take another look at this and then they will relize this is wrong! PS: the Gov never thinks about the people but only about them selfs and how they can stay in office longer!

  • Amber Brown

    no faceboook link@?

  • CirK63

    infingment on our first amendment this not what our founding fathers setup. thats what happens when they create money out of paper instead of gold and silver like the constitioun says

  • Mrpurple58

    i love uporn it makes it hard for minors but other companies have a bad recruting policies and keep sinding emails and it is open for all to c. the worst part is once they get ur email they wont stop and u cannot get off there mailing list. i think they should tighten the regulations but not control the whos

  • Bobjimmy

    Fine, i just wont use the internet anymore, just like i dont watch theyre shitty tv.

  • Al-diy-man


  • Banana

    People dont realize that if they really have a problem with the government it is their constitutional right to dissolve it and start over…

  • Anonymous#1

    “Welcome to the United States, home of the thief, land of the slave, grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred and power is God.”

  • Victorgutierrez0

    US CONSTITUTION,ARTICLE 1, SECTION 5, CLAUSE 8: “The Congress shall have the power … to Coin Money, Regulate the value thereof…CONGRESS HAS NO AUTHORITY TO DELEGATE THIS RESPONSIBILITY TO THIRD PARTIES.”

  • Eugene

    the Bill of Rights of the United States;)

  • Artistwebpage

    this has got to be stopped

  • futuretaco

    i think your all missing the point people, we were all brought here cause we like porn. you want to keep your uncensored porn? start signing petitions or stfu…. and tits… tits or gtfo… for america! <—enticing slogan

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  • Down with SOPA

    This is stupid, can you imagine just how much rape will go up in this country? When poor ppl that just can’t a girlfriend can no longer masterbate in piece cuz now there is no porn, it will be the end of the world… very scary

  • Guest

    I never tought of seeing insightful content like this in a website like this one. This might be why I love you,guys. Also, the porn. But the ideas worth spreading aren’t left alone.

  • June white

    We want the want the government to control our lives when it suits us I full agree they should control the internet and how we use it to.
    God Bless America

  • Guest

    If we can assassinate a man beyond our borders (Osama) than we can shut down websites so that the rest of the world cannot even access them. This being the case, then the rest of the worlds internet is just as much in danger as ours is here. Help America wake up to SOPA or we will censor websites so our country and the rest of the world cannot use them.

  • Sam

    the world is becoming less and less free, and this is just the rich people asserting their dominance over the little people. “we own you, this is what we want and you don’t have a say”, that’s what sopa is saying on behalf of the self-important power mongers of this world, and for that reason alone it must be stopped before it’s too late.

  • Anonymous

    god help us

  • Negadack

    thats awful!! whats next geeze brave new world…

  • Bloodybojack

    Though they took away are PSN, Anonymous are the good guys. I think anyone can be anonymous, so here:

    We are anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive Censorship.
    We do not forget Oppression.
    President Obama
    Expect Us

  • the gornment should able do this

  • stalin

    wtf fuck is happening in US really cant believe this news this rule should be apply in india in our point of view we think in whole world internet is getting much misused in india but why the govt of us censoring intrnt in us if this would been happen from our govt then we would been kick their ass out

  • mr Porn

    i want to fuck anonymously! fuck US govenment!

    • Abama


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  • Vanessa Luana Visit my thank you

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