Survey: New YouPorn Categories?

by YouPorn Jude on June 26, 2013 · 109 comments

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youporn new category survey
It’s that time again, we need your help to make YouPorn better! YouPorn already offers a veritable barrage of free porn video categories to choose from (64 in total) ranging from everything from Solo Girl and Masturbate to 3D, Rimming, and everything in between. We’ve got pretty much all the major kinds of porn covered, but there are so many niches and fetishes in porn that you can’t hope to cover them all… or can you?

With your help, we’re hoping to determine what new niches, fetishes, and thus far untapped categories get your juices flowing. Leave your comments below with the categories you’d like to see added to the YouPorn roster and they could end up on the site! The more people that ask for a certain category or upvote requests for a certain category, the more likely we are to add that category to the list.

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  • asher


  • andy5421

    There should be a “Lapdance” Category for those videos where the women ride the men (but do not insert it into their vagina) and eventually make the guy(s) cum.

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

      • andy5421

        yeah there are alot of videos where girls ride the guys (but not like Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl)) usually with their panties on (sometimes off) and eventually the guys will blow their load like mad.

  • daniel787878

    I agree with andy

  • Yeah, that’s never going to happen.

    • George

      then why ask us?

      • Because most people will suggest categories that aren’t illegal.

  • Shelly


  • Shelly

    Big cocks, machines

  • Rose


  • HeavyMetalCowboy

    Alt/Goth/Metal Porn? Please

    • KC

      Yeah, alt or emo

  • jimjinphx

    Watersports, women pissing on men

  • Gerald


  • undieingxjuggalo

    forceful lesbian porn

  • barack obama

    y’all should have a category hub for lesbian porn, much like how you have the gay porn on your website. that’d be pretty cool.

    • You can actually achieve pretty much the same result by searching for “Lesbian” and then selecting from the various categories on the search results page.

  • brentste

    big lips

  • steve

    edging, more beautiful (or even BBW) controlling men

  • BulleT

    There should be a category to find favorite pornstars in one place



  • Max

    Big dicks haha

  • guest

    small tits spinners petite

  • Prat


  • astroawesome

    scat, tied up,

  • Jane


  • John

    Dirty Anal

  • George


    • andy5421

      Most likely “no”. I think Beastiality videos are illegal

  • Summer

    Female orgasms. (Doesn’t need to be squirting)

    • Primal Father

      Real orgasms, not that fake porn star crap.

  • terence765432

    pee, lapdance like Andy5241 suggested, favourite porn stars

    • andy5421

      There are a TON of lapdance videos on YP and other porn sites. If they make this Category I’ll definitely fill it up.

  • Shylox

    More specific fetish categories than just “Fetish”. There should be distinction like
    – Latex
    – Femdom
    – Feet

    “Bukkake” would be another one.

    “Roleplay” for costumes like nurses, police uniforms, school girls and all that kinky stuff.

    “Swinger” for real amateur meetings for group sex, partner sharing and swinger clubs (not just random amateurs having sex). No professional stuff in this category, I’d suggest.

    And a more universal categorization by nationalities. We currently have “German” and “European”, since the platform is very popular for Germans and there is a lot of stuff with that language (and the video style is also usually substantially different from US productions). But it would probably be nice to have some other countries represented as well to indicate specific languages/body types.
    So this one should perhaps be separate from the actual tag system. Just offer to name the language used in the video -if there is any- and allow to search for video with specific languages in addition to the normal categories.

  • guest

    sxy for girls

    • Shylox

      I think “Romantic” is supposed to be the YouPorn version of “Female Friendly”.

  • pr0nenade


  • Jacksonwisc

    Cum Swap or Cum Play

  • Anonymous1

    Real videos (like homemade and cam’s or something like that)
    And extreme videos maybe…

  • Plumecoquine

    Dirty talk, French, watersports

  • Michael


  • ginormous_cock

    tale of 2 moms

  • Big white cock

    Fucking Indian Software Chick at work

  • 5thTermInOffice

    Fuck mom, then her daughter

  • ffparamedichelper

    Fucking Machines

  • Whiteowl


  • Ben

    Clothed / pencil skirt/ tight dress

  • plz


  • Voodoo

    A category of peeing

  • Bob

    Female orgasms. Dirty talk. Sybian.

    • Mr. Bighead

      Yep. Close up pulsating pussys and puckering brownies…Best with ecstasy face included.

      • jbezel

        It’d be cool to have those side by side, like splitscreen.

  • joseph lemons

    Teen lesbian or teen masturbation

  • Joseph lemons

    Teen lesbians or teen masturbation

  • Religion

    Religious! Nuns are one thing, but Mormons are another. Jews, Muslims, Hindus… It’s fun.

  • drexell

    Is there a better way to keep the shemale videos off the non gay part of the site? That stuff is not my cup of tea, so to speak, and it seems like it would belong on the gay part of the site.

  • booglie

    Females in Jackets

  • The Master of Bate


  • Guest


  • Straped


    It is a growing trend that realy doesn’t fall in any category and would realy need aproval as(s) a term.

  • jbezel

    JOI/JOE ; jack/jerk off instructions/encouragement

  • jbezel

    dirty talk

  • jbezel


    • Mr. Bighead

      Have you seen the Japanese Game shows yet…Whew!
      I love the Japanese cfnm; esp the very large groups; unbelievable!

  • jbezel


  • jbezel


    • Mr. Bighead

      Luv this category esp. Asian chicks…Beautiful nips!

  • jbezel


  • jbezel


  • jbezel


  • martin19127

    Catfight, Sexfight, Female Wrestling,

  • sexnutt

    Beastiality, pissing, violent sex, antique gay and or bisxual.

  • bigT


  • bigT

    cops porno

  • Mickey Grace

    Real Women’s porn please…. playgirl,women’s porno, yes you have sssh(not much at that)…audio erotica girls talking lustfully about the Penis or what you will do to him or vice versa.REAL CFNM….evidently pure cfnm(NOT DANCIN BEAR) doesn’t like to share much at other sites you may get 4 min but no more… lingerie not by itself but in sexual situations…real cfnm…usually 2-6 girls all working his pkg. Women’s fantasies not men’s silly!

    • Mr. Bighead

      Luv CFNM…More please!

  • domdom77

    creampie eating (vaginal)
    swallow my sqirt (lesbian)
    lesbian breastfeeding
    bukkake: sqirt; cum; piss; cum and piss or watersports; cumswapping; compilation…
    sqirting lesbians
    cumswapping lesbians

  • K

    Babysitter or girl next door or even barely legal or armature prostitution

  • blackout

    Wedgies a know a lot of people who would like this

    Hand in panties like masturbation is panties

  • Brick Mason

    Hubbie’s friends gangbang (of the wifey) called Pok ‘er Night, where the guys rotate houses–and wives!

  • T

    I would like to see a category for cum drooling.

  • JimV

    The interracial and lesbian categories aren’t as specific as I’d like them to be. I’m a WM and would like to be able to find WM|Black Female or WM|Asian Female with more precision. Same with Lesbians; ideally. I’d like to see an interracial/international lesbian category with any combination imaginable. If I want to see an Icelandic lesbian with a dark ebony beauty or an Eskimo with a redhead, why not? A worldwide casting call. If we’re still a great nation, it can be done.

  • Homestead

    Wife Porn (Real amateur videos of Wives having sex with their husband or others)

  • Lafayette Jackson

    Prison, Rape

  • Miriam Wu


  • Vgjoop

    Older/ young lesbian

  • firehandpump

    more videos of females using cock sleeves on men.

  • xxxboy


  • spaniel

    How about “Tribbing”?

  • Drvladtheimpaler


    – heterosexual uncut man
    – foreskin

  • morvern

    real amateurs with towns ,city or states named.

  • dwadawdaw

    bukkake please!

  • IHeartInterracial

    White on Black “reverse interracial”–White guys & black girls

  • Cocopuff

    Black girls Asian guys

  • Mr. Bighead

    CFNM…Can’t get enough of this…I love it when a small group of woman takes charge…has their way, cheers at the climax…the best!

  • Mr. Bighead

    HJ Tease.
    A few good ones exist…often mixed with femdom…great oppty for the babes to show off their interpersonal skills; hands on!

  • a

    Shorts – really short trousers

  • a

    big buttocks

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    Strip n Fuck

  • ME


  • BenTwaN

    Cartoon porn: Super Girl, Bat Girl, Family Guy, etc.

  • Burlap1269

    I am a BIG fan or CUCKOLD Videos!! Especially when the slut wife tells her hubby how much better her new lovers cock is!!! I am also big on Creampie and Interracial videos so… How bout some more Interracial Cuckold Creampie Clean-up videos!!!

  • Tao

    I think there is enough categories… It would be great to hide some tags and categories. .. .
    It no fun stumbling uppon a 60+ overweight shemale when your hard and ready.. . Its going to cost a lot of therapy… ;

  • Luc

    Licking cum off feet

  • Michael Jones

    I love to watch other men jerk-off!