Best Of Are You Hardcore? Tour: The District & The Big Easy

by YouPorn Jude on November 4, 2011 · 5 comments

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youporn's are you hardcore tour pics

The day YouPorn and Brazzer’s Are You Hardcore? Tour ended was a sad one, but there’s no sense in sitting around sulking about it. Not when there are so many fantastic pictures and videos from the parties online, giving a lucky few the chance to relive the glory of the parties and everyone else the chance to see exactly what they missed.

Although the inaugural Are You Hardcore? Tour is over, if you keep a watchful eye and play your cards right, one day, you may just see the bangin’ Brazzers Are You Hardcore? bus pulling into a city near you!

Now, enough of the jaw flappin’, it’s time to relive the glory of the moment all over again.

YouPorn’s Are You Hardcore? Tour – Washington & New Orleans Vids

Washington, DC

New Orleans, LA

For pictures from the Are You Hardcore? Tour parties in Washington, DC and New Orleans, LA, visit

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i m very much Hard core

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