YouPorn FAQs: Here To Answer Your Questions!

by YouPorn Jude on February 26, 2014 · 22 comments

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YouPorn FAQs: Here to Answer your Questions!
Forget your YouPorn password? Can’t find that video you uploaded? or maybe you can’t figure out how to make a new collection? Fear not! We’ve got the answers to all your burning, dirty little free porn questions covered with our new YouPorn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Gone are the days of having to email support with simple questions. Now you can quickly and easily skim through the YouPorn FAQs page for the issue you’re having and simply expand the question to find your solution. No trying to explain your issue in an email, no waiting to get a response, instant solution, instant gratification, just like free porn. Of course, not every issue can be taken care of with a simple FAQ, and for those issues, quality email support is always just a click away.

  • mike

    how can i get free download

    • Click the download button below any video on the site.

  • hanna

    how can’t i see the lorsha larson heather brook britney ‘s video clip

  • john

    Is there any way to search through collections? There was a really good collection I came across, but my PC restarted, and I can’t find the collection anymore even though I remember the name of the collection being “brunette” or “brunettes”, but as there is no way to “search” within collections, it is no use.

  • Gisslle

    why youporn has replaced a player? becoz of its i cant see videos buffers a lot..this the only site i like very much..but since you porn has introduced a new player i cant see a single video without irritates me lot..plz do something :( :(

    • Our primary host had some major system failures yesterday and we were forced to switch to our backup host. Our primary has since fixed the issues but we are still in the process of ensuring everything is migrated back correctly.

  • zoo

    can you delete videos u have uploaded?

    • How do I delete the video(s) I uploaded?
      Don’t want your video on the site anymore? No problem. Just contact support at with the URL of the video(s) you would like removed and they should be taken down within 24-48hrs.

    • Don’t want your video on the site anymore? No problem. Just contact support at with the URL of the video(s) you would like removed and they should be taken down within 24-48hrs.

      • cesarepaniccia

        i have a problem with the Please confirm that you’re a real person question, i answer the question select the appropriate pictures. does not send the message.

  • Thezooman

    Is there any way to block people from downloading videos that we have posted

  • gdg

    who is the blonde in the st pattys background

  • steve

    Is pornography addicting and–if so–psychologically destructive?

  • suzan8110

    how long does it take for video to be ready

  • Ryan

    Can you please stop putting extreme fetish videos on the front page? Seeing extreme lesbian anal fisting is a major turn off.

  • metalfan76

    I can’t find my favorites anymore. What happened???? Not to mention I’m having some serious issues just trying to log in.

  • loreal

    How can I request to remove a video since I am in the video but I did not know the uploader and it is a matter of life and death for me. I hope someone from here can help for my peace.

    • Please contact support using the support form on

  • ckaiza

    How can you see how long you’ve been a member?

  • Christine

    Ok there is a video that only shows the back of a white girl on top of a black guy. It is a dead ringer for me. It’s not!!!
    My husband of 20 years is obsessed with the fact that it’s me. Isn’t there an account associated with these uploads that could prove the area/ or something?? Please help!