YouPorn Launches All-New Responsive Design

by YouPorn Jude on June 5, 2013 · 29 comments

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youporn launches all-new responsive design
YouPorn’s intuitive new responsive design automatically scales site content to provide users with the best porn viewing experience possible. Whether you’re streaming YouPorn videos on your home computer, watching hot hardcore porn on your laptop, or enjoying a quick fap session in front of your 55″ HD TV, YouPorn’s responsive design automatically adjusts to your chosen environment, providing a viewing experience tailor-made for your display.

In addition to automatic scaling, we’ve increased the size of thumbnails site-wide to make previewing videos easier, we’ve upgraded the video player to a bigger and better porn viewing size, and gone are the days of the 4:3 aspect ratio – every video on YouPorn is now in extra sexy 16:9!

Head on over to and check out the all-new responsive design for yourself!

  • adsf

    Maybe it’s just my monitor being weird, but the “viewed now” videos seem to get stuck behind the others, so you’ll have one thumbnail obscuring two others.

  • päguriedscharlivofärdu

    the speed of the whole portal, decreased really really a lot, i test it with chrome, ie10, firefox, it’s overall slow.

    • Are you still having speed issues? We experienced some when we first launched the new design, but have since made changes and fixes to resolve those issues.

  • Guest

    Where are all the old videos?!?

    • Videos haven’t moved or been removed, everything should be just like it was before.

  • Mike

    What’s happened to airplay ? It isn’t available now

  • Mic

    Sorry guys, but the experience using an Ipad is really worse. Especially in fullscreen mode for the videos!

    • How so?

      • Ipad Unsatisfied

        Ipad won’t allow full screen and every time I try to skip it takes back to the beginning

        • We’re looking into this now, thanks for letting us know.

  • Charlie

    Can’t seem to FF while viewing!

    • Please contact support so we can help you out.

    • John

      Same here (I’m using a Nexus 7). Just last night I was able to get videos to completely fill the screen but now they only fill the browser window. The status bar, address bar, and navigation bar are all visible when I tap fullscreen and the videos are much smaller.

      I suspect this is due to the new video player that, while speedy, has lost a couple features that I used a lot. I also cannot tap and hold the seeker to scrub the video, I have to tap along the time bar which is a much worse experience.

  • Nelson

    Why can’t I throw what’s on my iPad onto my Apple TV? I used to have a little button on the lower right corner of the video, it’s gone now… What’s up?

    • We’re looking into this now, that’s for letting us know.

  • guest

    can i switch back to the old style? used to work better on ipad. thanks

  • Jeff

    It’s rubbish on the iPad now. No full screen, can’t ff – poor user experience

  • AppleFan

    Very Bad for iPad! The best Feature AirPlay on Apple TV iş gone!

  • Rooddood

    Sorry to say, but I’d really want the old player back. To many problems with the new one:
    -fullscreen doesn’t work
    – navigating past scenes is buggy. Often resarts the video
    -previews don’t work while scrubbing through video
    -I see no quality improvements

  • Paul

    Nexus 7 same problem as ipad

  • Horneygypsy

    iPad viewing won’t let me fast forward or rewind. When I try it just goes back to the very beginning

  • Starves

    Searches keep coming up with 500 error on Ipad. This is much worse than the old version.

  • Guest

    Why did you removed the “Roll the Dice” Button?

  • John

    Thumbnails not working like before…

  • Ray

    Hahahaha, Share is sexy! who the hell wants to post youporn links in his main facebook page. Well, you can do it if you are not looking to get a serious job or carrer in the United States, Don’t you see nobody is using a real picture or name in the comments. But goog looking website, by the way! Good luck with the newsletter i received it by accident in my email inbox, but i will mak it as a spam! Thumbs up Horny guys!

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