YouPorn’s User Feedback Forum is Open for Business

by YouPorn Jude on February 11, 2013 · 9 comments

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youporn user feedback board is open for business
Last year we asked the question, “What can YouPorn do for you?” and received an overwhelming outpouring of feedback, much of which has helped us add new features to and improve upon the site in numerous ways. Now we’re taking our handling of user feedback and suggestions to the next level with the introduction of the YouPorn User Feedback Board.

If you’ve got an idea for a new site feature, think you’ve got a way to improve upon an existing feature, absolutely hate something about the site, or just want to tell us how much you love us, then the YouPorn User Feedback Board is the place for you. Sign-up for a free account, or remain anonymous, and leave your feedback and suggestions. If someone has already made a suggestion you like, you can even upvote it to get that suggestion more attention. We review and respond to every piece of feedback and suggestion left on the board, and who knows, maybe something you suggest could become YouPorn’s next big feature!

We want to hear from you! Post your feedback and suggestions in the YouPorn Feedback Board today.

  • alkietu

    for me i like what u r doing,keep it up

  • jjthomas

    I noticed some HD clips on Youporn, will you get more of these? Would love to see my favourite brands in HD on youporn so I can stream them to my TV. Other than that, you are amazing and stay that way!

  • jjthomas

    just looking at your old thread about offensive banners. Why dont you do what facebook does, and let people change the ad and report why they dont like it. Then you can show them a new ad. Nothing worse than watching a beautiful video and having a video in a banner next to it that is really offensive. Or, i’d happily pay a monthly membership to youporn so that I didnt get any adverts, or at least see adverts from my favourite brands that I watch or follow if you need to fill the empty banner space with something.

  • fabian

    If i search a Video and its not on the YouPorn Database, it will search in the DB’s from PornHub and your other sites. So we don’t have to switch the site.
    Maybe a partnership with xnxx, youjizz etc. that you could add them to the search.

    • Check out, their search works for all PornHub network sites (YouPorn, PornHub, Tube8, etc.)

  • poop

    i rub muh dick to porn