YouPorn User Settings Have Arrived!

by YouPorn Jude on November 1, 2012 · 35 comments

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youporn user settings
Earlier this year we asked users “What Can YouPorn Do For You?” The outpouring of suggestions we received was nothing short of amazing, and since then we’ve been working hard to implement as many of those suggestions as possible. Most recently we have added one of our most user requested features, Account Settings!

Directly from the Account Settings page, any logged in YouPorn user can see a brief overview of their account, update their current password, and add/edit the email address associated with their account, in addition to being able to manage their Favorites, Subscriptions, and Uploads… but that’s just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more in store for users, so keep your eyes on the YouPorn Blog and be the first to know when new updates are released.

If you don’t have a YouPorn account yet, now is the time to get one. Sign-up for a Free YouPorn account today at

  • guy

    how many time it takes for my video’s to be online?

  • How many time it takes for my video’s to be online?

    Wie lange dauert es bis meine Videos online sind?

    Why can I not find my uploaded videos to the stored tag?

    Warum kann ich meine hochgeladenen Videos nicht mit dem gespeicherten Tag finden?

  • anonymous

    how do i edita vid name

  • walkyrie42

    My upload can’t be rated and the date’s video change every day ?

  • Jinx

    Using iPad 3 how come all vids now don’t play? The play arrow comes up crossed?

  • xyla marie

    y i cant register?

  • Unc_fester

    Why is it 2/3 of the videos I try to watch, when I choose them I get a ” play” button with a slash through it and no video ?

  • beaujac

    I can not get clips to play how do I unsubscribe from your site

  • DaddyMac003

    At the top of the screen is PornHub, YouPorn, and others… It’d be nice to have one login for each site…

  • Sneef

    How dan upload à video

  • stu777

    how can i turn recomendations back on stu777

  • spock12

    how do you dellet videos and pictures and deactivate account

  • hotdijon

    How do I make a list with my favorite vids

    • g

      Login. Click the heart under the vid. Shows up in Favorites.

  • stehonie23

    how do i find out my password if i cant remember

  • klash57

    i suscribed to account on youporn but i don’t download every videos on this site :s

    help please!

  • Phoenix

    How do I delete my video?

  • Shy20Boy.

    how delete my account?

  • sixbysix

    bring back chat!

  • g

    My subscriptions are not updating. One of the sites has 10 new videos, but they do not show up on my subscription page. I’m sorting by date. Refresh. Nothing.

  • sorcina

    How do I delete my video?

  • Torsten Sparmann

    How can I delete my videos?
    Wie kann ich meine Videos löschen?

  • bad_angle

    how can i delete my account

  • chris

    Some of these comments are really stupid, but I have an actually decent one. I uploaded 22 videos and then I tried uploading more and they never showed up. Is there a max amount of videos you can upload?

  • tomdachs

    how can i remove vids??

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  • baffone1950

    unsubscribe from your site

  • elenaaleksandrova


  • pussybagger

    how do i delete my video

  • bigguy21112

    how to delete a video?

  • punjabiwhore

    how do you delete a video? please answer!!

  • john

    how do you delete a video?

  • john

    EVERYONE has been asking about how to delete a VIDEO… so when are we gonna get an answer?????

  • singlehot69man

    this site could keep my videos why cant i take them out . i could sue if they steal them goodthing i dont show my face im to handsome to be in the spot light just yet ,