Badges for the Best of the Best!

youporn badges
The better a video performs, the more accolades it gets! That’s right, to make the best of the best of YouPorn’s videos even easier to spot in the wild, we’re issuing all-new eye-catching badges.

Any video can score one of 16 sweet new badges by proving itself as one of the best of the best in any one or more of the following categories: Top Rated, Most Viewed, Top Favorited, & Most Discussed. For every badge category there are four different time frames for which a video can score one or more badges: All-Time, This Year, This Month, & This Week. That means every YouPorn video, new or old, has a chance to score and display up to 16 flashy new badges on their video page.

For a look at what these badges look like in the wild, check out YouPorn’s Most Viewed Porn Videos of All-Time, the most popular of which can be seen embedded below: