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Some Toys

You Wanna Use Some Toys?

Wanting to add something new to your bedroom repertoire? Look no further! Ryan Riesling back again, and I’ve curated a list of my tried and true bedroom must-haves :)Read More

So you wanna make a porno

So You Wanna Make a Porno?

Amateur porn is hot, and more popular than ever! Have you ever been curious? Fantasized about filming yourself? Is your sex so great, it would be a mistake not to record it? Homemade porn is a sexy, fun experience, but like most things it can be a bit more difficult than it looks. That’s why I’m here: to give you some pointers on how to get the most out of your filming.

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You Want To Try Getting Kinky

You Want to Try Getting Kinky?

Are you kinky? Curious? Just wanna try something new? Awesome! The world of kink is extensive as it is exciting, and with so much to try and learn about, there’s sure to be something to spice up your relationship.

Fantasies and desires are completely normal, but we’re often too shy to bring them up with partners. A fear of rejection combined with a societal pressure to have “normal sex” can make us feel vulnerable or weird. That’s why I’m here today: to tell you that trying out new stuff in the bedroom is not only awesome, but also a new way to bond with your partner(s)!

For starters, kinks are a great way to get more comfortable with yourself. It’s fun and natural to explore our own sexuality, and learning more about what makes us tick will in turn make for better communication and sex in the long run.

The novelty aspect of trying something new together can of course increase your sexual satisfaction, but also your relationship satisfaction. Overcoming feelings of vulnerability and first-time-jitters takes a great amount of trust, communication, and comfort within the relationship… so not only is it super sexy, but also great for bringing you closer together than ever!

There are also lots of ways to approach kink, giving you and your relationship plenty of opportunity to be creative. There’s this myth that one member has to always be dominant and the other always submissive, but that’s confining and boring and… not what this is about! You and your partner(s) can switch roles, experiment with different power dynamics, roleplay different scenarios, and have fun shopping for accessories together. The possibilities are endless!

So, how do you bring this up? I’ve created a cheat sheet of Do’s and Don’ts along with a playlist of sexy videos below for you to consider:

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Google Chrome Tips to Improve Your Porn Browsing Experience

If you’re like me, an avid viewer of the pornographic arts and a dedicated Google Chrome user, then these tips and tweaks will help to improve your YouPorn browsing experience.

Turn your Omnibox into a YouPorn Search Engine

The Omnibox is Google’s fancy way of saying Address Bar and it’s chalk full of customization options. Adding YouPorn as one of your search engines can turn the Omnibox into a quick and easy tool for finding the hardcore porn videos you’re craving on YouPorn. Instructions Below.

  1. Right-Click anywhere in the Omnibox
  2. Click “Edit Search Engines…”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the “Other Search Engines” section
  4. Enter YouPorn in the “Add a new search engine” field
  5. Enter your preferred keyword in the “Keyword” field (I use YP as it’s short and easy to remember)
  6. Enter into the “URL…” field
  7. Hit “OK” and you’re done

How To Use It
Simply enter the keyword you assigned in the instructions above into the Omnibox, followed by the term(s) you’d like to search for in YouPorn, and hit enter to execute the search on the YouPorn site. For example, if I want to find hardcore anal sex videos I simply type “YP Hardcore Anal” (without quotes) into the Omnibox and hit enter.

Make YouPorn a Desktop/Quick Launch/Start Menu Shortcut

If you’re one of YouPorn’s millions of regular users, then this tip could save you plenty of time and keystrokes. Instructions Below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Google Wrench (top right of browser)
  3. Go to “Tools”, then click “Create application shortcuts…”
  4. Select the options you’d like, then click “Create” (shortcuts will appear everywhere you selected)

Pin YouPorn and Remove Bookmark Title

If you share your computer with people you’d rather not have knowing about your browsing habits, than these tips can help to mask your true love of YouPorn. Instructions Below.

  1. Open
  2. Right-Click on the Tab, then click “Pin Tab”

What It Does
Pinning the YouPorn tab will shrink the size of the tab, remove the site name from the tab, and display only the site icon, making it much harder to notice when opened alongside other tabs.

  1. If you have YouPorn Bookmarked: Right-Click on the bookmark, click “Edit…”, clear the “Name” field, click “Save”
  2. If you don’t have YouPorn Bookmarked: Go to, click the Star icon in the Omnibox (far right side), leave the “Name” field empty, select the “Folder” you’d like to save the bookmark in, then click “Done”

What It Does
Much like pinning a tab, clearing the “Name” field of a bookmark will display just the site’s icon as a bookmark instead of the icon and full page title, making the bookmark much less likely to be noticed.

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

These are time savers that can help you quickly close a tab when unexpected company arrives or remember where you saved the last porn video you downloaded.

  • CTRL-W: Closes current tab
  • CTRL-Click: Opens link in a new tab
  • CTRL-SHFT-DEL: Open clear history prompt
  • CTRL-J: Opens downloads list

If you’ve got any helpful porn browsing tips of your own we’d love to hear them! Leave a comment or drop us a line!


YouPorn’s How To: Keep Your Porn Search Private


We’ve all been there and, as lovers and frequent users of porn sites, we’ll all be there again – using a public or otherwise unprotected computer to find fresh fapping material. Finding fresh spankbait – especially with YouPorn – is easy, but hiding your debauchery from others that you may share your computer with, or the public if you’re using a public computer, is a whole other story. Sure, you can try to remember to clear your cookies, cache & history every time you close down your browser after a wank sessions, but why risk forgetting and ending up with a situation like in the pic above? To keep your wank bank private, you need remember just one thing, ALWAYS BROWSE PRIVATELY!

No matter what browser you choose to use, you have some form of private browsing option at your disposal and, well, if you don’t… it’s about time you download Google Chrome, and while you’re at it, you may as well throw away that AOL CD, you won’t be needing it anymore.

Google Chrome has Incognito Mode, Mozilla FireFox has Private Browsing, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has InPrivate Browsing. While enjoying porn using any of these private browsing methods you leave no digital footprint on your system, hence, your debauchery and unhealthy need to masturbate more than 30 times a day can, and will always remain, our little secret. So, next time you boot up your browser and head to for a tug session, remember these shortcuts:

Google Chrome Incognito Mode: CTRL+SHIFT+N
Mozilla FireFox Private Browsing: CTRL+SHIFT+P
Microsoft Internet Explorer InPrivate: CTRL+SHIFT+P