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Consent in porn: Debunking myths and managing realities

We at YouPorn wanted to take the opportunity today to discuss a serious issue that has been on everyone’s mind lately: consent in porn.

Our friends at Wasteland organized a live debate that gave attendees a comprehensive look at the complexities of consent and permission for sexual activity within the adult industry. Nina Elle, Mercedes Carrera and more sit down to discuss this important issue from an insider perspective and shed light on the challenges faced within the industry.

Check out the video below for a fascinating look “inside porn”.


Getting To Know You: An Interview with @YouPornGirl


Unless you’re living in the backwoods somewhere, lack any kind of internet connection, or just don’t follow @YouPorn on Twitter, you probably already know about the newest addition to the YouPorn Team, the vivacious @YouPornGirl! Better known as Tainah, @YouPornGirl joined the team after becoming a staple part of the Are You Hardcore? Tour and has continued to rock the YouPorny-World on Twitter. So let’s get to know the newest and sexiest addition to the YouPorn Team a little better, shall we?

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