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Stay up to date with your favorite collections with collection subscriptions!

Check out your favorite collections and then hit the subscribe button in the upper right corner.

You’ll then be able to follow along as new videos are added to the collection from your subscriptions tab.

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YouPorn celebrates it’s 10th anniversary!

We’re ecstatic to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary today!

In 2006 we took the internet by storm with the launch of YouPorn, the very first adult tube site! As of July 2007, less than a year after the launch date, we had grown to 4 million daily visitors.

Let’s take a look at the top search terms from 2006 versus 2016!

Our viewers have grown up with YouPorn over the years, with search terms like “Mom” and “MILF” over taking the “Teen” searches in recent years.

Over the years we’ve also become increasingly popular in France and Italy with “Francaise” coming in at the most searched term worldwide and “Amatoriale Italiano” rounding out the Top 10.

Here’s to many more fappy years at YouPorn!


Introducing the new YouPorn Premium!

We’re very excited to announce the new YouPorn Premium!

When you sign up for Premium you’ll experience ads free browsing on both YouPorn Premium and You’ll also get access to thousands of full length, exclusive videos from all of your favorite studios and brilliant 1080p HD quality.

At only 9.99 a month it’s an amazing deal, and you can cancel any time, hassle free!


Avatars and cover photos have arrived!

Are you ready to get personal with YouPorn? You can now show off your style with your very own avatar and cover photo displayed on your profile.

To edit these simply visit your Dashboard, hover over the avatar and an ‘Edit Avatar’ button will appear. To change your cover photo click the ‘Edit Cover Photo’ button on the right side of the page.



I can’t wait to see what you come you all come up with, our users are so creative!


New Feature: Hot Videos

We’ve made a new addition to the homepage to improve your experience: Hot Videos in your country. This row shows you what people around you are watching and allows you get off to the same videos as your friends and neighbors. Remember that hot girl you saw in the checkout line at the grocery store? These are the videos she’s probably watching. Porn brings us all together.

Don’t forget, you can also personalize your recommendations by signing up for a free YouPorn account and liking and disliking videos. The more you interact with the site, the better your recommendations will be.


Fake Taxi x YouPorn Lamborghini

This AMAZING car has been spotted all around Prague! The YouPorn Lamborghini is an instant fan favorite and pictures of it quickly began circulating the Internet.

One of the founders of YouPorn, JT, and owner of the Fake Taxi recently wrapped his Lamborghini to earn the title of #1 YouPorn superfan! If you’re in Prague and spot the YouPorn car be sure to snap a pic with it and send it to us on social media with hashtag #YouPornCar

Fake Taxi is the #1 ranked channel on YouPorn. What you may not know is that they recently launched a new twist on the classic: Female Fake Taxi. This new series features ladies taking the Fake Taxi out for a spin and they’re sure to collect their fares by any means necessary.

I hope you’re as excited about Female Fake Taxi as I am.


Collections are now on Mobile!

Here at YouPorn we strive to provide you the best porn experience on all platforms. We’ve heard your pleas for an improved mobile fapping experience and today we’re delivering! I hope that you’ll enjoy this feature as much as I do ;) Your collections are now at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Make sure that you’re logged in to your YouPorn account and then click the three dots next in the bottom right corner of the video; this will open up the collection menu. From here you can add the video to an existing collection or start a new one by clicking the ‘+ New Collection’.

Let us know which features you’d like to see next in the comments section.


Happy Birthday YouPorn! Looking back at 9 years of free porn.

In honor of YouPorn’s 9th birthday we’re taking a trip down memory lane to where it all started. Launched on August 26th, 2006, YouPorn was the first tube site on the Internet. Do any of you remember this logo?

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Happy Halloween, From YouPorn!

happy halloween, from YouPorn!

Halloween is almost here, and at YouPorn that means it’s time to celebrate!

Break out the slutty nurse, sexy cat, naughty nun, playboy bunny, and Britney Spears-esque schoolgirl costumes, because it’s time to live out your wildest sexual fantasies… in video. That’s right, in honor of this most spookily slutty of holidays, we’ve brought back the front page feature block where you can peruse the best Halloween themed porn YouPorn has to offer. If that isn’t enough to put you in the mood, check out the hot new Halloween video player background, featuring Sasha and Sabrina Maree, available for a limited time only!

Happy Halloween


World Cup YouPorn Traffic

YouPorn, the award winning adult video streaming website measured how the 2014 World Cup affected European traffic when it comes to adult content. While some countries banned their players from having sex during the tournament, YouPorn traffic during the World Cup shows us that European football fans, as well as fans worldwide, are enjoying much more than just the matches.

YouPorn’s in-depth analysis focused on Italian, German, French and Spanish audiences from the beginning of the tournament up until the quarter-finals – including the impact of porn consumption during each country’s matches and 5 European Capital Cities with traffic changes.

Championship Match – Germany vs Argentina

Fans in Germany and Argentina were glued to their screen to see their national teams play. Two hours before the game started at 12:00 PST traffic to YouPorn started to drop in both countries. At kick-off, traffic to YouPorn had dropped by 58% in Germany and 67% in Argentina. After the match the traffic increased steadily and went up almost 60% higher than YouPorn’s usual traffic levels during those times.


Of the European countries we followed, France showed the most interest in the final match, where traffic to YouPorn was down over 40%. Spain and Italy were both down close to 30%, but both the United States and Austria showed little interest during the game — at least not enough to take their interest away from YouPorn. Interestingly, traffic from Austria jumped nearly 110% higher than usual after the match ended.

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