Do the Time Warp with YouPorn!

do the time warp with youporn
Another new featured has landed here at YouPorn and now everyone is doing the time warp! Just like YouTube, you can now comment on a video indicating a specific time in the video (example: 3:28/3m28s) and the time will be automatically converted into a link. Click on the link and you’ll jump to that exact second in the video. It’s a great way to discuss your favorite parts of a video and it makes it even easier for other users to find the best parts of any free porn video.

YouPorn Pro Tip

If you’re sharing videos with friends and want to send them to a hot scene in a video, just add /?t=### to the end of the video’s URL. Replace ### with the time (in #m##s format – like 3m28s) you want to link to in the video. For example, the video pictured above is linked to at 3m28s in the comments, and that URL looks like Try it for yourself!