All-New YouPorn for iPad

new youporn ipad mobile site

The Eagle has landed! That’s right, YouPorn has created an all-new version of the site optimized specifically for Apple iPad Users. Say goodbye to accidental miss-clicks and gone are the days of navigation difficulties, the new and improved YouPorn iPad site has been crafted and customized with the iPad user in mind.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features gracing the YouPorn iPad site:

youporn mobile ipad site All-New Quick Access Menu

Found in the top right corner of every page, the All-new Quick Access Menu provides users with instant access to YouPorn’s most popular pages.

Easy Navigation

Let your fingers do the walking and enjoy quick, easy access to YouPorn’s most popular pages, including New Videos, Categories, Recommended Videos, and more.

youporn ipad navigation menu
youporn ipad categories Simplified Category Navigation

New, improved, and finger friendly! That’s right, we’ve improved spacing to make Categories more finger friendly and added a handy quick scroll list of all categories to make finding your favorite free porn even easier!

Full Feature HTML5 Video Player

Our sexy HTML5 video player is intuitive, easy to use, and chalk full of the features you know and love.

youporn ipad video player
youporn ipad video details Optimized for iPad

Clicking on links in the Video Details section used to be a pain in the ass, no more! We’ve retooled the Video Details section specifically with YouPorn’s iPad users in mind and made the page significantly more finger friendly.

Improved Pagination

Improved scrolling Pagination at the bottom of every page gives users the ability to quickly and easily scroll through hundreds of pages of free porn videos to find the page they want.

youporn ipad pagination

Have you had a chance to try the All-New YouPorn iPad site for yourself? If you have, let us know what you think and drop us a line!