New YouPorn Features Launched Today

new youporn site features

What can I say, things just keep getting better and better around here. Just last week we busted out an all-new rockin’ finger-friendly iPad Optimized YouPorn Site and here we are, at it again, only this time we’re making even more improvements to

At first glance the front-page doesn’t look much different than it always has (with the exception of the new Thumbs Up rating system), but the real magic appears when you click through to a video page. Head on over to to experience the new setup for yourself, or keep on reading and we’ll break down all the hot new features for you right here!

New YouPorn Site Features

youporn new embed video feature All Videos Now Embeddable!

Now, with just a few short clicks of the mouse, you can embed any YouPorn video directly on your own website!

New Thumbs Up Rating System

Gone is the antiquated five-star rating system and, in it’s place, comes the substantially more user friendly Facebook-style thumbs up/down rating system.

youporn new thumbs up rating system
youporn new background color selector Video Page Background Selector

The Black vs. White video page background color debate is one that has raged on for quite some time, so now we’re giving users 6 different backgrounds!

Improved Video Page Navigation

Now it’s easier than ever to go from watching an amateur anal video to scrolling through related & recommended videos, comments, and more, all from the video page.

youporn new related videos navigation

So there you have it, another batch of improvements to out the door. We’re always looking for YouPorn User feedback and suggestions on how best to improve the site, so if there is anything you’d like to see added to or changed about the site just drop your feedback in the comments section below.