Best Of Are You Hardcore? Tour: The District & The Big Easy

youporn's are you hardcore tour pics

The day YouPorn and Brazzer’s Are You Hardcore? Tour ended was a sad one, but there’s no sense in sitting around sulking about it. Not when there are so many fantastic pictures and videos from the parties online, giving a lucky few the chance to relive the glory of the parties and everyone else the chance to see exactly what they missed.

Although the inaugural Are You Hardcore? Tour is over, if you keep a watchful eye and play your cards right, one day, you may just see the bangin’ Brazzers Are You Hardcore? bus pulling into a city near you!

Now, enough of the jaw flappin’, it’s time to relive the glory of the moment all over again.

YouPorn’s Are You Hardcore? Tour – Washington & New Orleans Vids

Washington, DC

New Orleans, LA

For pictures from the Are You Hardcore? Tour parties in Washington, DC and New Orleans, LA, visit


YouPorn’s Pervy Pumpkin Carving Contest: The Winners!

youporn pumpkin carving winner alphaharlot

Our very first contest, and what is likely to become the Annual YouPorn Pumpkin Carving Contest, came to an end this past Monday and was a resounding success. We received lots of user submitted pervy pumpkin carving pictures and a few of them were even real! A big thank you goes out to all the awesome people that actually took the time to carve and submit pictures of their own pervy pumpkins. You guys did great work and going through all the submitted pics was a lot of fun. That being said, when it comes to contests, there always has to be a winner. The decision was not an easy one to make. Much of the PornHub family got to cast votes for their favorites and we were torn between two entries, so they both win!

Without further adieu, the winners are

First Place: Liz S. (@AlphaHarlot)
Prize: $50 PornHub Store Credit
youporn pumpkin carving by alphaharlot

Second Place: Justin K.
Prize: $25 PornHub Store Credit
youporn pumpkin carving by justink

Congrats to both of our lucky winners, enjoy your Official YouPorn Merchandise!

Now, as an extra special treat, Miss Liz (@AlphaHarlot) has shared with us a veritable gallery full of pics featuring her YouPorn Pumpkin, her feet for the footie folks out there, and her big bountiful boobs for everyone else. Check out the pics after the jump!

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Getting To Know You: An Interview with @YouPornGirl


Unless you’re living in the backwoods somewhere, lack any kind of internet connection, or just don’t follow @YouPorn on Twitter, you probably already know about the newest addition to the YouPorn Team, the vivacious @YouPornGirl! Better known as Tainah, @YouPornGirl joined the team after becoming a staple part of the Are You Hardcore? Tour and has continued to rock the YouPorny-World on Twitter. So let’s get to know the newest and sexiest addition to the YouPorn Team a little better, shall we?

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Naughty YouPorn Pumpkin Stencils: Submit A Pic & Win!

youporn naughty dirty porn halloween pumpkin stencil

### Contest Has Ended. Winners Will Be Announced Shortly. ###

Pumpkins (Jack-O-Lanterns) are a huge part of Halloween and say a lot about how you feel about the holiday, so this year, don’t just half-ass it and cut out a crappy, standard jack-o-lantern, spice things up a bit. Why not show your porno pride and let your freak flag fly with YouPorn’s Naughty Halloween Pumpkin Stencils!

Below are pictures of all the YouPorn Sexy Halloween Pumpkin Stencils available for download. To see full-sized version of the below pictures, simply click on the thumbnail. To download one of YouPorn’s PDF pumpkin stencils, click the “download stencil” button below the thumbnail of your desired stencil.

To turn your YouPorn pumpkin stencil into a porn-inspired work of pumpkin-art, print out any PDF stencil, tape it to your pumpkin and either trace the stencil onto your pumpkin or cut the design directly into your pumpkin. Note: Some previous pumpkin carving experience will go a long way as these are not especially simple stencils to carve.

Share Your YouPorn Pumpkin Carving Pics & Win!

Once you’ve got your pumpkin carved, snap a pic and send it to! If you’re dirty minded and didn’t need a YouPorn stencil to create your own perverted pumpkin we still want to see your creation, so snap a pic anyways and send it to too!

All user submitted pics will be featured on the Official YouPorn Blog, YouPorn Tumblr, and Twitter!

If your pic is awesome enough, you may even be lucky enough to win some Official YouPorn gear!

How To Win

1) Print out a YouPorn pumpkin stencil
2) Carve your pervy pumpkin
3) Snap a pic & send it to
4) Profit!

YouPorn Naughty Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

sexy halloween pumpkin stencil youporn
Download Pumpkin Stencil
sexy halloween pumpkin stencil youporn
Download Pumpkin Stencil
youporn porn naughty dirty halloween pumpkin stencil
Download Pumpkin Stencil
youporn dirty porn naughty pumpkin stencil
Download Pumpkin Stencil
dirty halloween pumpkin stencil youporn
Download Pumpkin Stencil
youporn naughty dirty porn pumpkin stencil
Download Pumpkin Stencil
youporn halloween pumpkin stencil
Download Pumpkin Stencil
porn halloween pumpkin stencil youporn
Download Pumpkin Stencil

Are You Hardcore? New England & New Jersey Pics & Videos

youporn's are you hardcore tour pics

Sure, the YouPorn & Brazzers Sponsored Are You Hardcore? Tour is over, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy the pictures and videos from the different parties. After all, the parties were Legen-… wait for it… dary! With parties in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, YouPorn made New England it’s bitch for more than a week.

If you weren’t one of the fortunate few able to get into one of the legendary YouPorn Are You Hardcore? Tour parties, or you weren’t lucky enough to be in New Jersey or New England when we were, then you’re going to want to check out these videos and pics from the parties! After all, you don’t want to get caught off guard when another tour gets underway.

YouPorn’s Are You Hardcore? Tour – New England Videos (click pic to see video.)

Aztec Ocean’s Resort
Seaside Heights, NJ
ft. Lisa Ann & Helly Mae

West Orange, NJ
ft. Lisa Ann & Helly Mae

Providence, RI
ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla

Boston, MA
ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla

Bridgeport, CT
ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla

To see pictures from the Are You Hardcore? Tour parties in New England, visit


YouPorn Hits 10,000 Twitter Followers!

porn by youporn

I just wanted to take a quick second to thank all the amazing YouPorn fans out there for helping us to reach 10,000 Followers on Twitter! Just a few short months ago we had less than 100 followers, and now we’re getting huge. You awesome YouPorn fans are the reason I wake up every morning happy to come to work and have such a great time doing my job. Here’s hoping that in a years time we’ll have hit the massive 100,000 follower mark. I know, it’s an awfully lofty goal, but I think we can get there. So yeah, thanks again for being so awesome!

Check out YouPorn on Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.


Apple TV + Airplay + YouPorn = Wireless Big Screen Bangin’!

use youporn with airplay and apple tv

We’ve given you hundreds of thousands of videos to watch online, we’ve made all those videos watchable on your mobile device via YouPorn Mobile, and now… now you can watch all those videos on the big screen, wirelessly! All you need to start wirelessly watching YouPorn on your TV is Apple TV, Airplay & an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Simply setup Apple TV, fire up your favorite portable iDevice, start streaming your favorite YouPorn videos, and with the click of a button on the video player, your favorite YouPorn video will pop-up on your big screen HD TV and begin to stream! No extra cables to get in the way and turn into a giant rats nest, just quick, easy, wireless streaming of your favorite YouPorn videos from your favorite iDevice to your TV.

We’re the first porn tube site to offer Apple TV and Apple Airplay compatibility, so set it up, check it out, and enjoy your porn on the big screen!


Sun, Beaches & Babes: Are You Hardcore Florida?!?

youporn's are you hardcore tour

Sun, beaches, babes… it seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the throws of a fantastic summer. Alas, the frosty bitch that is winter continues to rear her nasty head and it’s merely a matter of time before we are once again plummeted into the depths of an icy, snowy hell.

Nay, I say! I’m not prepared to roll over and be forcibly sodomized by the barb-dicked bitch of winter… I refuse!

Think happy thoughts… Warm thoughts… Wet, dirty, sticky, thoughts… Are You Hardcore thoughts. Think back to the end of August… Think of Diamond Kitty, Diamond Foxxx & Lexi Swallow parading their gorgeous bare bodies around the best parties in Florida! If the image of that in your head doesn’t fight off winter’s frosty hand, then these pics and videos from the Are You Hardcore Tour will kill the chill and get your temperature rising!

Are You Hardcore? Tour – Florida Party Pictures

The Vault
Gainesville, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Diamond Foxxx

Deko Lounge
Orlando, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Lexi Swallow

Kennedy Soho
Tampa, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Lexi Swallow

Tampa, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Diamond Foxxx

Check out the Are You Hardcore? Tour Videos online at


UPDATED: YouPorn Offers to Buy Tupac Shakur Sex Tape!

youporn tupac sex tape

UPDATED: Still photos from the Tupac Shakur sex tape after the cut below.

The man. The myth. The legend… has a sex tape. That’s right! More than 15 years after being gunned down on the Las Vegas strip, a 5min sex tape featuring legendary rapper Tupac Shakur has surfaced… and we want it!

Why the person in possession of such a potentially fantastic video hasn’t made an attempt to sell/share it until now is a mystery, but what we do know is that the video was originally shot in 1991 and features Tupac getting a blowjob while holding a drink in one hand, smoking a blunt and rapping… That’s not just some O.G. shit, that’s some Epic O.G. shit right there! If you didn’t already love Tupac, the fact that he has a sex tape showing him getting sucked off while he drinks, smokes a blunt and raps should pretty much seal the deal for you.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see this video. I just hope the $150,000 offer YouPorn made to purchase the video is enough. Fingers crossed!

Tupac Sex Tape — 6-Figure Bidding War Erupts (TMZ)

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YouPorn Featured in Metro News International!

youporn categories

That’s right bitches, I’m famous! *ahem* er… I mean WE’RE famous, of course.

Recently we had the distinct pleasure of working with Metro News International (the guys that put out the free daily papers found in most metros/subway’s in hundreds of cities around the world) on a story about the most popular porn categories and search terms in 18 different countries around the world and I have to admit, some of the stats we pulled were almost as surprising as they were interesting.

The 18 countries we provided stats on included USA, UK, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, China and others, and one fact became blindingly apparent, no matter where you live, chances are you like Amateur Porn. The most popular category in 10 of 18 countries was Amateur, with Mature, Teen and Anal running a very close second.

Some interesting stats included South Africa’s second most popular category being Creampie, Portugal’s second most popular being Hairy, Brazil’s third most popular being Shemale, and pretty much every country’s fifth most popular being big tits!

To learn more about YouPorn’s surprising stats, including some of the most searched terms on YouPorn, read the full Metro News International story titled “A popular porn site tallies their searches, and the results are in”.