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That’s right bitches, I’m famous! *ahem* er… I mean WE’RE famous, of course.

Recently we had the distinct pleasure of working with Metro News International (the guys that put out the free daily papers found in most metros/subway’s in hundreds of cities around the world) on a story about the most popular porn categories and search terms in 18 different countries around the world and I have to admit, some of the stats we pulled were almost as surprising as they were interesting.

The 18 countries we provided stats on included USA, UK, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, China and others, and one fact became blindingly apparent, no matter where you live, chances are you like Amateur Porn. The most popular category in 10 of 18 countries was Amateur, with Mature, Teen and Anal running a very close second.

Some interesting stats included South Africa’s second most popular category being Creampie, Portugal’s second most popular being Hairy, Brazil’s third most popular being Shemale, and pretty much every country’s fifth most popular being big tits!

To learn more about YouPorn’s surprising stats, including some of the most searched terms on YouPorn, read the full Metro News International story titled “A popular porn site tallies their searches, and the results are in”.


The Future of Porn is 3D & It’s Here!

YouPorn 3D Porn

That’s right, the future of porn is here. Bust out your best Red and Cyan 3D glasses, kick back, grab your favorite bottle of hand lotion and go to town!

Big beautiful tits you’d swear you could reach out and squeeze, cumshots so close they’ll make you flinch, and gleaming pink pussies like you’ve never seen them before! has expanded on it’s selection of 3D Porn Videos and has some fantastic new clips for your enjoyment, featuring gorgeous Porn Stars Rachel Starr, Courtney Cummz, Phoenix Marie, Lexi Belle, Puma Swede and Jessica Jaymes!

Unless you were one of the lucky few to join us on the Are You Hardcore Tour, these new 3D porn clips are likely as close as you’ll ever come to squeezing Phoenix Marie‘s glorious tits or fucking Courtney Cummz perfect round ass.


YouPorn’s Top 5: Most Viewed Videos This Week

With thousands of new free porn videos being uploaded to every day it can sometimes be hard to find something that suits your fancy, or better yet, something that you actually want to watch and get your rocks off too. Well, that’s where YouPorn’s Most Viewed and Top Rated categories come into play. If you’re looking for the best of the best, check out those two categories, choose your time frame, and you’re guaranteed to find something to please the pervert in you.

To give you an idea of the glory inside the Most Viewed and Top Rated categories, check out the Top 5: Most Viewed Videos This Week:

5. Teen Talks Herself Into First Anal

Duration: 12min 38sec
Views: 969,413
Rating: 4.30 / 5.00 (1,111 ratings)
Date: September 8, 2011
Comments: 30
4. Girlfriend Bounces On Cock

Duration: 05min 02sec
Views: 539,492
Rating: 4.38 / 5.00 (691 ratings)
Date: September 10, 2011
Comments: 31
3. Casting Filling Fertile Womb!

Duration: 11min 44sec
Views: 546,333
Rating: 4.55 / 5.00 (909 ratings)
Date: September 6, 2011
Comments: 33

2. Gang Bang Fuck With A Hot School Girl

Duration: 06min 23sec
Views: 630,293
Rating: 4.22 / 5.00 (843 ratings)
Date: September 7, 2011
Comments: 18
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Are You Hardcore? The Pics Are In!

Are You Hardcore Diamond Kitty Lexi Swallow

The YouPorn & Brazzer’s Are You Hardcore? Tour has partied it’s way through five cities so far, starting at the Kennedy Soho in Orlando, FL, and tomorrow we invade the great state of Rhode Island. Look out Providence, we’re coming for you! If you’re in the area, come out to The Roxy and get your freak on with the Brazzers and YouPorn crew and Porn Stars Phoenix Marie and Vanilla DeVille. If you can’t make it out, fear not, you’ll be able to enjoy the pictures from that event soon enough…

In the meantime, head over to the Are You Hardcore? Tour site to see the hundreds of crazy sexy pics from the first five Are You Hardcore events, like the one above featuring the always gorgeous Diamond Kitty and Lexi Swallow.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the Are You Hardcore? Tour site on a regular basis as we’ll be adding new pics from new events every week!


YouPorn’s Top 10: Most Viewed Porn Videos of All Time

Originally posted August, 2011. Be sure to check out the Top 10 of 2017!

When it comes to free porn, we’ve all got our favorite styles, categories, and videos from each, but when the chips are down, it’s safe to say that a whole lot of us have watched these Top 10 Most Viewed YouPorn videos. Chances are most of us have probably enjoyed their overwhelming awesomeness on more than one occasion. With views ranging from 24.1 Million on up to 47.9 Million, if you haven’t seen these videos yet, now is the time!

10. Cute Blonde
Duration: 09min 33sec
Views: 24,187,542
Rating: 4.55 / 5.00 (53,953 ratings)
Date: October 19, 2007
Comments: 229
9. India Big Tits
Duration: 17min 52sec
Views: 25,085,108
Rating: 4.51 / 5.00 (78,023 ratings)
Date: July 16, 2008
Comments: 453
8. Secretary In Office Gets Fuck Real!
Duration: 02min 29sec
Views: 29,000,156
Rating: 4.42 / 5.00 (71,608 ratings)
Date: June 22, 2007
Comments: 354
7. Maid Service
Duration: 18min 05sec
Views: 29,911,960
Rating: 4.54 / 5.00 (75,086 ratings)
Date: June 18, 2007
Comments: 473
6. Latino Girl Hot Fucking
Duration: 10min 23sec
Views: 30,300,361
Rating: 4.39 / 5.00 (47,972 ratings)
Date: April 3, 2007
Comments: 124
5. Naomi
Duration: 02min 57sec
Views: 31,003,197
Rating: 4.54 / 5.00 (77,934 ratings)
Date: August 6, 2008
Comments: 328
4. Blonde Hottie Pussy And Ass
Duration: 19min 51sec
Views: 31,956,688
Rating: 4.45 / 5.00 (60,052 ratings)
Date: July 1, 2007
Comments: 149 
3. Fantasy Girl Comes To Life
Duration: 05min 41sec
Views: 35,390,662
Rating: 4.50 / 5.00 (63,899 ratings)
Date: November 20, 2008
Comments: 559
2. Paris Hilton – Movie
Duration: 12min 31sec
Views: 45,798,448
Rating: 3.31 / 5.00 (48,181 ratings)
Date: March 8, 2007
Comments: 201
1. Great Body, Great Sex, Great Blowjob
Duration: 09min 21sec
Views: 47,970,707
Rating: 4.64 / 5.00 (146,989 ratings)
Date: October 23, 2007
Comments: 499

… And there you have it. The best of the best of!

Check out YouPorn’s Top 10: Most Viewed Porn Videos of August 2012 and YouPorn’s Top 10: Best Porn Videos of 2014.


YouPorn’s How To: Keep Your Porn Search Private


We’ve all been there and, as lovers and frequent users of porn sites, we’ll all be there again – using a public or otherwise unprotected computer to find fresh fapping material. Finding fresh spankbait – especially with YouPorn – is easy, but hiding your debauchery from others that you may share your computer with, or the public if you’re using a public computer, is a whole other story. Sure, you can try to remember to clear your cookies, cache & history every time you close down your browser after a wank sessions, but why risk forgetting and ending up with a situation like in the pic above? To keep your wank bank private, you need remember just one thing, ALWAYS BROWSE PRIVATELY!

No matter what browser you choose to use, you have some form of private browsing option at your disposal and, well, if you don’t… it’s about time you download Google Chrome, and while you’re at it, you may as well throw away that AOL CD, you won’t be needing it anymore.

Google Chrome has Incognito Mode, Mozilla FireFox has Private Browsing, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has InPrivate Browsing. While enjoying porn using any of these private browsing methods you leave no digital footprint on your system, hence, your debauchery and unhealthy need to masturbate more than 30 times a day can, and will always remain, our little secret. So, next time you boot up your browser and head to for a tug session, remember these shortcuts:

Google Chrome Incognito Mode: CTRL+SHIFT+N
Mozilla FireFox Private Browsing: CTRL+SHIFT+P
Microsoft Internet Explorer InPrivate: CTRL+SHIFT+P


Are You Hardcore? Tour, Coming to a Town Near You!

YouPorn Are You Hardcore? Tour

That’s right peeps, we’ve teamed up with the crew over at to put on one of the wildest, porn star-laden East Coast party tours you’ve ever seen!

The Are You Hardcore? Tour kicks off in just six short days on Aug. 25 in Tampa, FL and from their will be hitting most major cities on the eastern seaboard, bringing some of the world’s sexiest porn stars and outrageous parties to a town near you. To haul our rag tag bunch of YouPorner’s and a gaggle of gorgeous porn stars up and down the east coast we’ve tricked out the party bus to end all party buses, so we’ll be cruising in style and keeping the party alive between stops.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to come out and get your freak on with some of the world’s sexiest porn stars, get your ass to the club!

Are You Hardcore? Tour Dates:

Aug. 25 Tampa, FL @ Kennedy Soho ft. Diamond Kitty & Lexi Swallow
Aug. 26 Orlando, FL @ Deko Lounge ft. Diamond Kitty & Lexi Swallow
Aug. 27 Gainesville, FL @ The Vault ft. Diamond Kitty
Sep. 2 New York, NY @ Webster Hall ft. Lisa Ann & Helly Mae Hellifre
Sep. 3 Atlantic City, NJ @ Aztec Ocean’s Resort ft. Lisa Ann & Helly Mae Hellfire
Sep. 4 West Orange, NJ @ 4Sixty6 ft. Lisa Ann & Helly Mae Hellfire
Sep. 8 Providence, RI @ Roxy ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla Deville
Sep. 9 Boston, MA @ Rumor ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla Deville
Sep. 10 Worcester, MA @ Club InStyle ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla Deville
Sep. 11 Foxwoods, CT @ SHRINE ft. Phoenix Marie & Vanilla Deville
Sep. 14 Washington, DC @ Eden ft. Courtney Cummz
Sep. 16 New Orleans, LA @ Ampersand ft. TBA

It’s Alive… IT’S ALIVE – The Official YouPorn Blog Launches!

Welcome one and all to the all-new Official YouPorn blog, bringing you the best and worst of the weird and wonderful wide world of porn! My name’s Jude, and I’ll be your resident web-meister, moderator and idol. We’re still working on a lot of things around here, so bare with us as the site undergoes any number of unusual changes and outright catastrophic failures over the coming weeks. With that being said, we hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the awesomeness that is to come!

Once we’re fully up and operational we hope to keep things around here light, entertaining and updated on a regular basis. We’ll be serving up steaming hot plate fulls of free porn video clips and pictures, along with running exclusive contests, giving out freebies… and really anything else we can think of to keep you creepers entertained.

So, while we’re working hard to get things rolling around here, roll on over to any of the below sites to get to know us here at YouPorn and me, Jude, even better: – A limitless supply of free porn videos.
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