Stop US Gov’t From Censoring Your Internet; Stop S.O.P.A!

Stop Internet Censorship, Stop SOPA

UPDATE: SOPA & PIPA have both officially been put on hold! They have not been killed, but they are on an indefinite hold until a consensus can be reached. It looks like we may be safe for the moment, but you can bet they’ll keep trying to push SOPA & PIPA or similar new legislation through. Don’t let your guard down, keep your eyes open and fight any legislation like SOPA & PIPA!

Update: Thanks to the support of YouPorn’s Twitter followers we were able to make “SAVE PORN” the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter during yesterday’s peak SOPA Blackout time! The tweet was shared more than 6,000 times across the world, continues to be shared every few mins, and has hopefully helped to bring awareness about SOPA to those that did not know about it before. Thank you all for your massive outpouring of support not only for YouPorn, but for all those fighting against SOPA and PIPA. Stick together, keep fighting, and we can keep these bills from becoming law. SAVE PORN, STOP SOPA!

save porn stop sopa youporn #1 trending topic on twitter

Update: Blackout Day is officially underway as Thousands of sites across the world have come together in a coordinated effort to put an end to SOPA & PIPA once and for all. Visit for a list of Blackout Day Supporters and more information on the SOPA and PIPA.

Watch the LiveStream of the New York Tech Meetup outside the offices of NY Senators Schumer & Gillibrand online here.

Update: Reddit has put out a fantastic guide to SOPA & PIPA outlining the differences and similarities between the two and what both bills will actually effect. Highly recommend reading this, great source of SOPA/PIPA info. Read it here.

Update: SOPA has officially been stalled in Congress! This doesn’t mean we’ve won, not by a long shot, but it does mean that we don’t have to worry about the passage of SOPA anytime soon. The problem now is the bill’s counterpart, PIPA (aka the Protect IP Act), is now being rammed through the Senate. Keep fighting, Keep speaking out, but now it’s time we changed targets to PIPA!

Reddit will still blackout on January 18th in protest of SOPA & PIPA. Wikipedia has joined the cause and have committed to blacking out for 24 hours on January 18th.

Update: 61 Senators are refusing to meet and speak with their constituents BEFORE the January 24th Vote on SOPA. Don’t let your Senators ignore your concerns to push SOPA through. Reach out to your Senator and demand that they oppose SOPA. See the Full List Here.

SOPA author and all-around ignoramus US Congressman Lamar Smith caught Infringing Copyrights on his OWN WEBSITE. Read more.

Update: How can you expect the passage of fair and just laws when the people passing them are bought and paid for? Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff wrote a column for the Salt Lake City Tribune spewing Pro-SOPA propaganda that, if not provided entirely by the MPAA itself, was taken directly from a number of the MPAAs own public statements. Full story here.

Reddit has committed to blacking out their entire site in protest of SOPA from 8am-8pm on January 18th! Read the story.

Update: The Senate is scheduled to vote on the proposed internet censorship bill (SOPA) this Tuesday, January 24. Fourty-One Senators must still be convinced to vote AGAINST SOPA if we have any hopes of preventing this bill from being passed into law. NDAA was already throttled through the system and passed into law, don’t let the government censor your internet next. Contact your Senators TODAY and demand they vote NO on SOPA this Tuesday, January 24!

Update: A leaked letter from the US Ambassador to Spain sent to Spain’s outgoing President reveals the US Government has threatened Spain with Trade Blacklisting should the country refuse to enact DNS site blocking laws like SOPA. Read the story here.

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian speaks out against the perils of SOPA in an interview with Bloomberg. Check out the video here.

Update: Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, PayPal, Wikipedia, AOL and Others are rumored to be discussing a combined “Blackout Day” in protest of SOPA. This is the kinda of support the Anti-SOPA movement needs. One can only hope that the massive disruptions caused by the blackout of these sites garners tons of media attention, rallies more people and organizations to the Anti-SOPA cause, and ultimately forces the US Government into reconsidering their stance on SOPA entirely.

Update: Hollywood Union members are circulating a widespread Petition requesting the MPAA and Hollywood Unions renounce their support for SOPA/PIPA. The petition can be found online here.

Update: Haven’t been able to confirm for sure, but rumor has it tomorrow’s schedule to continue MarkUp of SOPA has been cancelled and will take place in the New Year. Also, Two FireFox Plugins circumventing any DNS based website blocking have already been released. They can try to censor the internet, but there will always be ways around it.

Update: House Judiciary Committee set to continue MarkUp of SOPA on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Petition for Presidential Veto of SOPA if passed receives 25,000 signatures in 2 days. Spread the word about SOPA, the more people that know about it the better chance we have of preventing it’s passage!

Update: SOPA Vote Adjourned Until 2012 – Keep Fighting, We haven’t won yet!

Update: Watch the House Judiciary Committee’s markup of S.O.P.A. live HERE.

A new Bill (Stop Online Piracy Act [SOPA – HR3261]) is making its way through the varying stages of the US Government and could have long standing, globe spanning, detrimental effects on the Internet as we know it. Simply put, the Bill, if passed into law, will put the power of Internet Censorship into the hands of the US Government, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and some of the biggest Entertainment Industry Corporations in North America (ex. RIAA and MPAA).

The US Government plans to achieve it’s goal of Internet Censorship by instituting a DNS blocking system similar too those already in use by such noted pro-censorship governments as Syria, Iran, and China, though it is rumored that the US System could be much worse for the end-user than any of those already in use.

If passed, SOPA will destroy the Internet as we know it, giving various branches of the US Government and countless Entertainment Industry Corporations absolute authority over the contents of the Internet as seen in North America. Not only will the bill hamper if not utterly destroy countless technological innovations, it could spell the end of online competition, and mean the beginning of massive online monopolies run by the biggest corporations in the entertainment industry. Not to mention the fact that any pre-existing site (like YouPorn) could be blocked from all of North America by said Government or Corporations at the drop of a hat, with or without merit.

What it really comes down to is: Are you willing to put absolute control of the Internet into the hands of the US Government and a select few entertainment industry corporations? I know I’m not, YouPorn sure as hell isn’t, the entire PornHub Network isn’t, and the hundreds of thousands of companies and people that have joined the cause? You can bet your ass they don’t.

Corporations are NOT People; Pizza is NOT a Vegetable; the Internet should NOT be Censored. STOP SOPA!

Watch the SOPA Video for more info and check out the informational SOPA Infographic, but most importantly, use the embedded form below to call your local Senator and SAY NO TO SOPA!