Survey: New YouPorn Categories?

youporn new category survey
It’s that time again, we need your help to make YouPorn better! YouPorn already offers a veritable barrage of free porn video categories to choose from (64 in total) ranging from everything from Solo Girl and Masturbate to 3D, Rimming, and everything in between. We’ve got pretty much all the major kinds of porn covered, but there are so many niches and fetishes in porn that you can’t hope to cover them all… or can you?

With your help, we’re hoping to determine what new niches, fetishes, and thus far untapped categories get your juices flowing. Leave your comments below with the categories you’d like to see added to the YouPorn roster and they could end up on the site! The more people that ask for a certain category or upvote requests for a certain category, the more likely we are to add that category to the list.

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