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Blog - Break Out The Toy Box

Videos We ❤ Volume 10: Break Out the Toy Box

My sex toy collection is massive. I worked at an adult video store in my early 20s and, as with most retail jobs, I ended up getting addicted to things that can buzz, twirl and make me get off. Solo play is always fun, but sex toys can enhance pleasure, regardless of who is in the room with you.

To celebrate the sex that happens with inanimate objects, I pulled five YouPorn clips for us to enjoy together. Each one will involve couples pleasuring each other with toys, as well as their fingers, mouths and genitals.

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New Feature: Hot Videos

We’ve made a new addition to the homepage to improve your experience: Hot Videos in your country. This row shows you what people around you are watching and allows you get off to the same videos as your friends and neighbors. Remember that hot girl you saw in the checkout line at the grocery store? These are the videos she’s probably watching. Porn brings us all together.

Don’t forget, you can also personalize your recommendations by signing up for a free YouPorn account and liking and disliking videos. The more you interact with the site, the better your recommendations will be.

“Roll The Dice”: New Feature on YouPorn.com

Ho Ho Ho “What Can YouPorn Do For You?” After many requests from our faithful viewers, we have come out with another fun new feature: The Random Video “Roll The Dice” Button!

You can find it on the top right of our Site, Following the “channels” tab You will see the Random Video “Roll The Dice” Button. Click on it and fate will choose the porn video you should be watching!

That’s what I got! Gianna Michaels – Show Stopper – Not so bad! Check it out!

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~ YouPorn Mya