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Blog - Break Out The Toy Box

Videos We ❤ Volume 10: Break Out the Toy Box

My sex toy collection is massive. I worked at an adult video store in my early 20s and, as with most retail jobs, I ended up getting addicted to things that can buzz, twirl and make me get off. Solo play is always fun, but sex toys can enhance pleasure, regardless of who is in the room with you.

To celebrate the sex that happens with inanimate objects, I pulled five YouPorn clips for us to enjoy together. Each one will involve couples pleasuring each other with toys, as well as their fingers, mouths and genitals.

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Join Us For The Team YP AMA On Reddit Today!

Join Us For The Team YP AMA On Reddit Today!

Want to know what it’s like to be an esports team sponsored by YouPorn? Have questions about what it’s like to be a member of Team YP? Curious what it’s like to play DOTA2 on a competitive level? Now is your chance to have all these and more questions answered by YouPorn and the founding members of Team YP. Today only, we will be holding an AMA on Reddit and taking all your questions from 12:00pm EST to 5:00pm EST. Come join us!

WHO: Brad Burns (VP of Marketing, YouPorn), YouPorn Jude (Social Media & eSports, YouPorn), Matt Blake (PR & Marketing, YouPorn), Ryan Smith (Site Manager, YouPorn), TeRoN (Manager, Team YP), and Axineas (Manager, Team YP)
WHAT: Reddit AMA
WHEN: 12:00pm EST to 5:00pm EST
WHY: You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

Team YP Merch Now Available In The YouPorn Store!

team yp merch now available in the youporn store

Ask and you shall receive! Ever since we revealed the initial designs for a Team YP esports Jersey back in August we’ve been inundated with requests from people wanting to know where, when, and how they’d be able to get their hands on one. The wait is over! Official Team YP merchandise is now available for purchase in the YouPorn Store (SFW).

Though official Team YP jerseys are not yet available, they will be soon. Until then, there is an array of official Team YP merchandise available, including Men’s Tees, Women’s Tees, Mouse Pads, Water Bottle, and Mugs. Looking to buy a specific item of clothing or merch that isn’t available in the store yet? Just let us know in the comments we may add your item to the store.

Visit the YouPorn Store today!

Team YP Revealed: YouPorn Sponsors Competitive eSports Team

eSports fans rejoice, Team YP is here!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re very excited to announce YouPorn has officially thrown it’s hat into the competitive esports arena with it’s sponsorship of the newly formed, Spain-based DOTA2 team, Play2Win (@PlayToWinClub). The Team YP boys will be throwing down the gauntlet and making their official debut this Friday at the Gamergy DOTA2 Tournament in Madrid, Spain. Don’t miss it!

Team YP DOTA2 Roster:
Ragabash (Twitter)
LoLQoP (Twitter)
SolmyR (Twitter)
Lawliet_91 (Twitter)
Mengue (Twitter)

The official sponsorship announcement follows:

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