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Videos We ❤ Volume 8: Love in Lingerie

I hope your Valentines have been amazing. My wife and I kept things pretty low key this year. She bought me a hedgehog, I bought her a whole bunch of underwear. Not just any underwear but some super fancy expensive lingerie that I knew she would never buy herself. That’s how we like to do gifts. If there is something we need, we’ll usually buy it for ourselves. It’s the special stuff that we like to give each other.

Lingerie is the type of gift that can totally change your outlook on life. With the right bra and panties on, my entire disposition changes. I become more confident and aware of how straight I’m holding my back and how I’m swinging my hips when I walk. I decided to pull a few lingerie themed videos from YouPorn for you to enjoy. Put on something fancy before you read any further…I’ll go get changed too.Read More

Videos We Heart Bathroom Boffing

Videos We ❤ Volume 6: Bathroom Boffing

Cold tiles and warm cum go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s the room where everyone gets naked, it’s the place where we get clean after getting dirty, and it’s also where we can touch ourselves without the guilt that some people have (as an aside, try to get rid of that nonsense. Guilt does nothing but make you feel bad about feeling good). Shower sex gets everyone slippery and blowjobs can be turned up a notch when they’re preformed with a shower head right underneath the balls.

I’ve put together a list of five super hot YouPorn clips that all take place in the bathroom. I suggest you get your cum sock out so that when you make a mess you can clean up after yourself.

You ready? Let’s get to the porn.

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Top 5: YouPorn Girl GIFs #2

It’s time for another edition of Top 5: YouPorn Girl GIFs! I hope you love these as much as the last batch.

Ryan is the sexy lady that runs our @YouPornGirl twitter. This is what you’re missing out on if you’re not keeping up with Ryan.

5. Ryan showing me some love on Twitter. She’s so cute blowing kisses.

4. Ryan got her hands on the Pornhub Twerking Butt panties and couldn’t wait to show them off.

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Top 5: YouPorn Girl GIFs

We’re very excited to welcome Ryan to the YouPorn Family as our new YouPorn Girl! I hope you all love her as much as I do.

Ryan is a sexy college girl with a wild streak: she has a background in nude modeling, dancing and, obviously, an interest in the porn industry. When she’s not entertaining you all on Twitter or working on her Master’s Degree she likes to spend her time playing and streaming her favorite video games. She also enjoys spending quality time with a good slice of pizza and hanging out with her cat, Dexter.

Here’s a round-up of the Top 5: YouPorn Girl GIFs that you’ve missed out on if you’re not following her on Twitter:

5. Follow the booty. Back and forth, back and forth. Are you hypnotized yet?

4. Getting sexual about some pizza.

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