Videos We ❤ Volume 4: Freaky by the Fire

My in-laws have this huge cozy fireplace with a faux bear skin rug in front of it. The first time I walked into their home, I started fantasizing about laying my wife down in front of the fire to slowly and deliberately have my way with her.

Fire makes things cozy and sexy all at the same time. The warmth of the flames makes your skin more sensitive, the light of the fire makes the whole room seem more moody. It’s the best.

I’m Alpha Harlot, and I threw together a list of five YouPorn clips involving sex by the fire just for you. Clips with this amount of sexiness require as little clothing as possible, so before you start pressing play, I’d suggest stripping all your clothes off, grabbing some massage lotion, and giving yourself a rub down for foreplay.

This first clip from Babes is basically my fantasy come true. A beautiful blonde with pouting lips and a needy pussy gets romantically physical with her lover on a fluffy rug right in front of a popping fireplace.

The fireplace doesn’t even have to be on to get the hormones flowing. This young couple is on holiday in a cabin and making the best of their sexy alone time with tons of oral and plenty of loving making.

YouPorn Amateur Emily Big Ass uses the light of her fireplace to illuminate a handjob/blowjob combo that ends in a mouth full of cum. Her boobs look amazing and she really seems to enjoy pleasing her man.

The campfire in this clip by YouPorn Amateur faffef keeps burning, even when squirting orgasms start shooting. I’m very into outdoor sex and this is one of the hottest instances of real sex outdoors that I’ve seen in awhile. Subscribing to their content on YouPorn was the best thing I’ve done all week.

I’m going to end this list of five the same way it began, with a blonde by the fireplace. Poundcak3 is a slinky amateur who loves to get kinky. She’s wearing cuffs and fishnets in this clip, and she gets pounded until her toes are curling.

That’s it for this round of fun, Peepz. Let me know in the comments if you end up being inspired to have a fireside romp with your favorite fuck buddy or sexual companion. Check out the full Collection of fireside fucking here, and see you next time!