Videos We ❤ Volume 8: Love in Lingerie

I hope your Valentines have been amazing. My wife and I kept things pretty low key this year. She bought me a hedgehog, I bought her a whole bunch of underwear. Not just any underwear but some super fancy expensive lingerie that I knew she would never buy herself. That’s how we like to do gifts. If there is something we need, we’ll usually buy it for ourselves. It’s the special stuff that we like to give each other.

Lingerie is the type of gift that can totally change your outlook on life. With the right bra and panties on, my entire disposition changes. I become more confident and aware of how straight I’m holding my back and how I’m swinging my hips when I walk. I decided to pull a few lingerie themed videos from YouPorn for you to enjoy. Put on something fancy before you read any further…I’ll go get changed too.

Black lace is timeless. YouPorn amateur LoisLane4u is a housewife who rocks the look while she’s having sex with her man. She moans uncontrollably while he hits all the right spots to make her feel good.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to light the spark. A hotel room and a matching bra and panty set turns the heat up for this European couple in love. She doesn’t even bother taking them off when they start making love. She only pushes the gusset to the side so that he can push in deeper.

Two girlfriends get all dressed up for each other before they break out their toys to have some fun. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a fucking machine when there is no dick around to make our pussies wet? The plain white bra and panties that the blonde wears in this one is simple enough to be super sexy.

There is plenty of pussy eating in this next clip. With her stocking clad legs in the air, truutruu gets physical and orgasmic. He pulls on her nipples while she tugs on his hair to make sure he circles her clit the right way.

I love the view in this video called “bound, plugged and teased”. If you’re squeamish about kinky sex, still I urge you to give this clip a try. It’s soft and sexy. This positioning may be a good place to start exploring if you’re curious about kink.

Do you feel more confident when you are wearing sexy things? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter to have a conversation.

Keep loving yourself!