Videos We ❤ Volume 3: Tantalizing Trans Clips

Hello again my sexy friends! This is Alpha Harlot, your tour guide to the wide-open world of porn.

My wife and are kinksters who go to a lot of LGBTQ events with our friends. We love being able to celebrate our love, our sex and our bodies with like-minded individuals who are cool with a little bit of public nudity (and public sex, of course!). We went to a play party a few weeks ago with some of our trans friends and had the most amazing time while we were watching them fuck.

Today in my Top 5, I’d like to celebrate trans performers and the sexiness that they embody. Make sure you’ve got your favorite bottle of lube and your favorite fuck sock to clean up after yourself. I’m about to strip down and get in on this action too.

A trans performer with gorgeous tits and a sexy string of pearls around her neck gives Tinslee Reagan an amazing pussy licking. It’s Tinslee’s first time playing with a MTF performer and she eats up every drop of cum she’s given.

Skyler is a trans stud who loves getting messy. He fills his fuckable holes with a long double-sided dildo and rubs circles around his tiny, developing cock. I’m totally in love with the way he uses multiple toys to coax out his orgasm.

Performers who can switch (so top and bottom) are the hottest. This tattooed Latina gets all dressed up for her client to fulfill his fantasies and then bends him over to fuck him from behind. It’s sexy as hell to watch.

A pretty kitty gets her bootie fucked by a thick hunk of cock in this next clip. I swear I got hypnotized when her dick started to helicopter around in circles.

Thick black glasses and a full sleeve of tattoos make the amateur star in this clip my favorite of the day. He rubs his puffy puss in rough circles and leaves me wishing that I could spit right on his clit to give him some lubrication.

That’s all for now, party people. Keep checking back to the Trans Category and the YouPorn blog for more Porn just for You!