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This Tuesday, November 6, when residents of Los Angeles County, California head to the polls to cast their votes, a very important county measure will be on the ballot: Measure B. Los Angeles County Measure B would not only mandate the use of condoms on all adult film sets, it would also required the use of rubber gloves, goggles, and lab costs.

Should Measure B be instituted, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars would be unnecessarily wasted employing government inspectors – who could better serve outpatient clinics, flu clinics, and other public health services – but would instead be getting paid to watch the filming of pornographic videos. The passage of Measure B would also initiate the exodus of the adult film industry from Los Angeles Country, resulting in a near instant loss of employment for the more than 10,000 people employed by the industry, and a potential loss of billions for the area’s economy.

Measure B is on the docket for a noble cause, reducing the spread of HIV, however, performers in the adult film industry already undergo rigorous and frequent testing for HIV. Between 2008 and 2011 some 6,000 new cases of HIV were reported in Los Angeles County, of those 6,000 new cases only two were adult film stars, and those two did not contract the virus while on an adult film set.

In a time when unemployment is reaching record highs, the officials of Los Angeles County have decided to focus their efforts on controlling what people do with their bodies while potentially expelling billions from the economy and adding more than 10,000 people to the unemployment line rather than focusing on areas of need, such as schools, law enforcement, and poverty.

Do your part to prevent unnecessary government spending & waste, Vote No One Measure B!

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