You Wanna Use Some Toys?

Wanting to add something new to your bedroom repertoire? Look no further! Ryan Riesling back again, and I’ve curated a list of my tried and true bedroom must-haves :)

Dildos: Where to begin! There are so many different types of dildos, in varying sizes, materials, functionalities, and more exciting features. It can be overwhelming, but a great place to start is: what do you wish your bedroom routine had more of? There are dildos specifically for anal and g-spot stimulation, as well as vibrating and realistic varieties. There are even double-ended choices to use with a partner and over-sized dildos for those who love a challenge.

Personally, I like glass dildos, for the hard texture, simple care instructions, the ability for temperature play, and their longevity. They also come in a variety of shapes, so collecting them allows me to easily experiment with sizes/designs.

You can start out by browsing categories online, then narrowing your search down when you find something that appeals to you. I liked how glass dildos looked, and then the easy care and temperature play seemed fun to me, so it was easy to pick a good “beginner” toy afterward.

Lots of people love to start out with the “rabbit” style, as it provides for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation, and doubles as a vibrator. You can also find beginner “kits” that will have a few options to get acclimated to the types of dildos available.


Nipple Clamps: Experimenting with nipple play can be exciting alone or with a partner! Playing with your nipples during your solo sessions is a great no-stress way to figure out your pain threshold. Try using fingers, sucking, or light biting first, then go check out your local sex shop for some adjustable, beginner clamps. They work by restricting blood flow with pressure, which heightens sensitivity and gives you that hurts-so-good feeling.

Remember to start out slow, with the lightest intensity, and work your way up. Mixing pain and pleasure is fun, but you don’t want to harm yourself.


Butt Plugs: Curious about anal play? Like dildos, butt plugs come in a ton of fun varieties to explore by yourself or with a partner!

For starters, You’ll want to use lots of lube before inserting anything, do not skip this step! And always start slow, increasing intensity as you get more and more comfortable. Anal-safe toys are also a must. You will notice that butt plugs have a flared base or string/handle as a stopping point and for easy removal. The goal here is to have fun with new sensations and experiences, so comfort and safety are the number one priorities.

Next, Pick your style! Lots of materials and functionalities are available for you to choose from, so be on the lookout for plugs that seem appealing to you. Pyrex and silicone plugs are popular, there are vibrating options, prostate and g-spot stimulating plugs, and all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can narrow your search down by considering what you’d like out of your anal play experience: do you want to discreetly wear something while you’re out all night? Something to leave in while masturbating or being vaginally penetrated? Prostate or g-spot stimulation? Preparation for anal sex?

Finally, After you’ve chosen an awesome and body-safe toy and lube, you’re ready! Remember to be open-minded, honest with how you’re feeling, and experiment to find how you like being stimulated best.


Sex Furniture: Trust me, having sex on a bed is awesome, but adding sex furniture is a total game changer! Something as simple as incorporating a few pillows under your back, to getting specially-crafted ramps, wedges, and other pieces, can take masturbation and sex positions from great to out-of-this-world. Let’s go over a few types:

Sex cushions: typically wedge-shaped, these are used to enhance positions like missionary and doggy style for deeper penetration, they can also make the g-spot, clitoris, and prostate more accessible. Bonus: great for propping yourself up on while watching TV.

Sex swings: a bit more adventurous, sex swings can be used for bondage and vanilla play alike. These are super versatile additions, so experimental couples will love the ability to restrain their partners, try new positions, and experience more freedom of movement and deeper penetration with favorite positions.

Sex gliders/chairs: these are pieces of furniture mostly used for solo play. They usually have dildos and/or vibrators attached, and are meant to be straddled and ridden. Both men and women enjoy these, and they allow for new sensations during masturbation.


Vibrators: Again, there are lots of amazing vibrators on the market, and it’s really about what you want here. I would suggest prioritizing masturbation, and getting a toy you’d be interested in getting to know during solo play. Lots of women really love clitoral stimulation and orgasm easiest this way, so something like a Hitachi Magic Wand or vibrating egg are excellent beginner toys. For internal vibrators, try things that are designed for g-spot stimulation, or that also include outer clitoral stimulators like The Rabbit styles.

Of course, these can be used with a partner too. Try using a vibrator on your clit during doggy style for an incredible experience for you and your partner!


Cock Rings: Cock rings are perfect if your man is looking to experience longer, harder erections, while also making the penis more sensitive and orgasms more memorable for him. Everybody wins!

It is important to remember that cock rings go on flaccid or semi-erect penises, and a slick of lube and shaved or trimmed pubic hair will make it go on smoothly. As always, if it ever hurts, take it off immediately.

There are many different types of cock rings, but most suggest a stretchy material like silicone or rubber for beginners. This kind is widely available, will get you used to the feel and fit of a cock ring, and also accommodates lots of different sizes (for example, with a metal cock ring you would need your exact measurements). These also often come with small “bullet” vibrators attached, which can feel great for you and your partner.


I hope this spices up your shopping list and bedroom! Let me know in the comments which are your favorite!



Ryan Riesling