You Wanna Watch Something Sexy?

Hello, Ryan Riesling here! I’m an adult content creator and the official YouPorn Girl. In our latest series, I am going to be answering your questions about sex, relationships, and porn in a new advice column. Don’t be shy! Nothing is too risque or off-the-wall for me. I love hearing from you, so make sure to leave a comment or tweet at me @YouPornGirl.

Relationships thrive on healthy communication and common interests, so it makes sense to want to talk about and watch porn with your partner! But what’s the best way to broach the subject if you’ve never watched together before? A fun jumping off point could be suggesting watching porn instead of your usual evening TV together. Send your SO a sexy text about it earlier in the day so they can have time to get excited for it. Later, one of you can scroll through and navigate the site, while both of you discuss what kind of scenes you are interested in.

Now — I know this can be awkward — our sexual fantasies and porn preferences are often complex and cultivated over years in private, but open communication about porn will show how confident and secure you feel within your relationship. Speaking up about what you are into will strengthen the bond between you, too.

To keep it fun and light, I’ve provided a few guidelines (and some recommended videos) to keep in mind:

  1. Porn can be beneficial for a relationship. Had a fantasy in mind that you didn’t quite know how to play out? Watch porn together about it! You can also learn the vocabulary for techniques and positions you want to try or already love, new ways to dirty talk, the possibilities are endless!
  2. Porn is edited, so it doesn’t show everything. It’s important to remember that porn is a performance, and it’s portraying a fantasy. You don’t see the behind the scenes moments of makeup, performers taking breaks, camera angles, and all the other factors that make porn look out of this world. Porn is meant to turn us on and inspire new fantasies, not reflect reality.
  3. Porn usage is normal, it’s just not talked about very much! Millions of people view our sites every day, and that includes more and more couples. Imagine the possibilities: finding new things that turn you on and try them in the bedroom, learning about your partner’s sexuality, and finding a new way to hang out with each other. Relationships are always growing, and adding porn to your arsenal of fun activities will just help bring you closer together.

Remember: There’s no right or wrong way to go about this. Porn is simply a tool that can set the mood for your evening, or be a fun conversation piece to learn more about each other. If you and your partner(s) decide that porn is specifically for private time and not to be discussed, that’s okay! If you start sharing porn playlists, that’s awesome too. Just trying this out can be a rewarding relationship experience!

Below are videos that I have handpicked from YouPorn to browse through and maybe share with your partner! See something you like? Add it to a playlist by making a YouPorn account. You and your significant other can add to it as you find more and more content you like.


Kendra has been working as a waitress at a famous restaurant all summer. She’s been lusting after her married boss, and on her last day she plans on showing him just how bad she’s been wanting him.


She came in for a sensual massage, but left with so much more.


A sexy threeway between two women and one very lucky guy!


Chanel Preston is a sexy MILF in this scene, and she can’t wait to pounce on Zoe’s boyfriend once she excuses herself.


Two friends sneak into their neighbor’s house… and when they get caught fooling around in the bedroom, these two women have an amazing threesome with anal sex!



Looking for more? Here’s an entire Collection I’ve made of my favorite videos, and here is our official Videos We ❤ to Get Couples in the Mood Collection. I hope this has been helpful! Let me know what you think ;)


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