World Cup Fever Hits YouPorn


The 2014 World Cup of Soccer (futbol) is rolling on and TVs around the globe are permanently tuned in as millions of viewers take in each match from all corners of the world. You can’t so much as walk down the street without seeing cars flying country flags or bars and coffee shops filled to capacity with footy fans vehemently cheering on their teams. Yes, even we here at YouPorn are not immune to World Cup fever. We’ve caught the fever… and we like it!

In celebration of the top 16 teams in the World Cup, we’ve released a set of limited edition video player backgrounds for all the teams that have made it into the round of 16. Now you can take pride in your team and show them the love when you’re showing yourself a little love. Act fast, though, as these 16 video player backgrounds will be available for a limited time only.

To show support for your team, open any video on the site and in the upper right hand corner you’ll find a soccer ball (futbol) icon listing all the World Cup custom team backgrounds. Simply select your team from the list and let the love flow. Teams included in the list are: Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland, and Uruguay.