World Cup YouPorn Traffic

YouPorn, the award winning adult video streaming website measured how the 2014 World Cup affected European traffic when it comes to adult content. While some countries banned their players from having sex during the tournament, YouPorn traffic during the World Cup shows us that European football fans, as well as fans worldwide, are enjoying much more than just the matches.

YouPorn’s in-depth analysis focused on Italian, German, French and Spanish audiences from the beginning of the tournament up until the quarter-finals – including the impact of porn consumption during each country’s matches and 5 European Capital Cities with traffic changes.

Championship Match – Germany vs Argentina

Fans in Germany and Argentina were glued to their screen to see their national teams play. Two hours before the game started at 12:00 PST traffic to YouPorn started to drop in both countries. At kick-off, traffic to YouPorn had dropped by 58% in Germany and 67% in Argentina. After the match the traffic increased steadily and went up almost 60% higher than YouPorn’s usual traffic levels during those times.


Of the European countries we followed, France showed the most interest in the final match, where traffic to YouPorn was down over 40%. Spain and Italy were both down close to 30%, but both the United States and Austria showed little interest during the game — at least not enough to take their interest away from YouPorn. Interestingly, traffic from Austria jumped nearly 110% higher than usual after the match ended.

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