It’s Alive… IT’S ALIVE – The Official YouPorn Blog Launches!

Welcome one and all to the all-new Official YouPorn blog, bringing you the best and worst of the weird and wonderful wide world of porn! My name’s Jude, and I’ll be your resident web-meister, moderator and idol. We’re still working on a lot of things around here, so bare with us as the site undergoes any number of unusual changes and outright catastrophic failures over the coming weeks. With that being said, we hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the awesomeness that is to come!

Once we’re fully up and operational we hope to keep things around here light, entertaining and updated on a regular basis. We’ll be serving up steaming hot plate fulls of free porn video clips and pictures, along with running exclusive contests, giving out freebies… and really anything else we can think of to keep you creepers entertained.

So, while we’re working hard to get things rolling around here, roll on over to any of the below sites to get to know us here at YouPorn and me, Jude, even better: – A limitless supply of free porn videos.
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