YouPorn Comment System Gets a Facelift

youporn-comments-system-gets-a-faceliftSometimes, when a video is so mind-blowingly hot or dick-droopingly bad, you can’t help but want to leave your two cents behind for future viewers to read and enjoy, and we love it when users leave feedback. So to promote that sacred sense of fellowship, bolster the ranks of our porn privy community, and better allow our loyal users to engage with one another, we’ve made some much needed improvements to the YouPorn comment system.

With the addition of threaded comments, users can now reply directly to one another’s comments and engage in an open and no doubt heated dialogue over the merits of POV vs MILF porn. Additionally, users now have the ability to up vote quality comments into the heavens while simultaneously down voting the repugnant refuse into the ground and, as it was before, any offending comments can be flagged for prompt and ruthless moderation.

Don’t forget, when leaving your racy comments, you can link to and reference an exact moment in the video you’re commenting on simply by including the time (in #:## or #m##s format) in your comment.