YouPorn Data NOT Exposed

You may have noticed that has been in the news recently and we would like to take a moment to clear-up any misconceptions about what has been reported. Contrary to some reports, has not suffered a breach of security. users can rest assured, no data has been exposed.

The real focus of the recent news is YP Chat, an entirely separate service that was linked to from The chat service is owned and operated by a third party and is in no way associated with YP Chat is hosted on separate non-YouPorn servers and a security issue on said servers in no way creates a gateway to’s secure data.

As soon as we, at, became aware of the issue we took immediate steps to block access to YP Chat entirely and a thorough investigation was launched to evaluate the scope of the issue.

We’d like to stress again, none of YouPorn’s more than 4.75 Million user accounts were compromised. With respect to YP Chat user data, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do an independent analysis. The investigation revealed that poor security practices resulted in YP Chat’s unencrypted daily user logs being left in an unsecured public directory. Some reports have used this information to claim that millions of user accounts were compromised, however, that is simply not the case. As the logs maintained daily records, users that accessed their YP Chat accounts on a recurring basis would have their activity appear in countless log files. This resulted in some media outlets over inflating the number of affected users, where in actual fact the number of unique users affected was several thousand, not millions.

The security of our user’s information has always been and will always be of paramount importance to us and the fact that a third-party service provider’s poor security practices could have such a negative impact on YouPorn users is disheartening to say the least.


Brad Black
VP Operations

Note: If you have an YP Chat user account and use the same login information for any other website or service it is recommended that you update your information on other sites immediately.