YouPorn Featured in Metro News International!

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That’s right bitches, I’m famous! *ahem* er… I mean WE’RE famous, of course.

Recently we had the distinct pleasure of working with Metro News International (the guys that put out the free daily papers found in most metros/subway’s in hundreds of cities around the world) on a story about the most popular porn categories and search terms in 18 different countries around the world and I have to admit, some of the stats we pulled were almost as surprising as they were interesting.

The 18 countries we provided stats on included USA, UK, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, China and others, and one fact became blindingly apparent, no matter where you live, chances are you like Amateur Porn. The most popular category in 10 of 18 countries was Amateur, with Mature, Teen and Anal running a very close second.

Some interesting stats included South Africa’s second most popular category being Creampie, Portugal’s second most popular being Hairy, Brazil’s third most popular being Shemale, and pretty much every country’s fifth most popular being big tits!

To learn more about YouPorn’s surprising stats, including some of the most searched terms on YouPorn, read the full Metro News International story titled “A popular porn site tallies their searches, and the results are in”.