Users Asked, YouPorn Answered: Improved Ad Content

As of April 1st, and as you’ve likely noticed already, we have changed our ads for the better. Working with our advertising partners, we have and will continue to make a conscious effort to better match the ads we display on site with the content our audience, you the YouPorn User, wants to see. We have never been a site to focus on extreme content, so exposing every YouPorn user to ads for bondage and domination simply didn’t and doesn’t make sense. Moving forward you’ll still be able to find the same wide variety of videos you’ve come to expect from YouPorn, but we’ve recognized with videos that the choice to watch ultimately lies with you, whereas you don’t have that same luxury when it comes to the ads you see. Ultimately, the happiness and enjoyment of our users is of paramount importance, so when we received negative feedback from you about the content of our ads we realized changes had to be made and set out to make them.

That being said, if you ever see an ad you feel pushes the boundaries of appropriate content, don’t hesitate to report it. We investigate all content complaints, and if we deem the content to be inappropriate for the site it will be removed.

In addition to tightening up ad content, we also launched the all-new iPad Optimized YouPorn site for all the Apple fanatics out there; We rolled out a host of New YouPorn Features like embedabble videos, customizable backgrounds and improved navigation; And we made a slew of upgrades to the back-end resulting in improved site load time, video streaming, and overall site performance, all as a result of the feedback we received from you.