New Video Notifications Feature

youporn new video notifications feature
You’ve put in your time, built up a big list of subscriptions including channels, pornstars, and users, but how do you know when you’ve got new videos from your subscriptions to watch? Easy! With YouPorn’s new notification system, you’ll never miss a new video from one of your favorite channels, pornstars, or users again.

youporn notificationsSometimes the appeal of a hot thumbnail on the front page is too hard to resist and you never get around to checking your subscriptions page for new videos, but thanks to our new notification system, as long as you’re logged in to your account you’ll know when you’ve got great new free porn videos to watch. Simply look for the little pink balloon beside your username. If there isn’t one there, then you’ve got no new videos from your subscriptions and you can go about browsing the buffet of new videos on the front page. If the little pink balloon is there, then inside the balloon will be a number telling you exactly how many new videos you have from your subscriptions. To see what’s new, just click on your username, choose “Subscriptions” from the drop-down, and BAM! Fresh, hot, glorious free porn from your favorite producers lies right there, just waiting to be enjoyed.