YouPorn Search Comes to Favorites & Subscriptions

youporn search faves and subs
Do you have hundreds of favorited videos? Are you subscribed to dozens of YouPorn Channels? Can’t find that hardcore anal video you favorited last week? With the addition of YouPorn Search to your favorites and subscriptions, now you can!

We know that the longer you’re a loyal YouPorn user, the more channels you’re going to subscribe to and the more videos your going to favorite, and while having a big backlog of your favorite free porn built up in the spank bank makes it easy to get a quick fap off to a video you love, it can make finding a specific kind of fuck flick challenging. That’s where YouPorn Search comes in. Now that you can search through both your favorites and subscriptions, you can quickly and easily filter through the videos that have accumulated in your spank bait to find the perfect fap flick for whatever mood you’re in. Looking for your favorite anal sex videos? Search for Anal. Looking for a hot blowjob video? Search for Blowjob. Hankering for hot midget-on-midget anal gangbang action… well, I’ll just leave that one up to you to find.

Take it for a test drive today, just login to your YouPorn account, click on your username in the top-right corner of the site, select Favorites or Subscriptions from the sexy new User Menu, and go to town!