YouPorn Subscriptions Just Got Better

youporn subscriptions just got betterSome time ago we introduced the world to YouPorn Subscriptions, giving users the ability to subscribe to content from their favorite users, content partners, and pornstars; later in the year we improved upon YouPorn subscriptions even further, adding new features like the ability to search within subscriptions; now we’ve taken subscriptions one step further with the addition of filters.

When you’ve subscribed to multiple users, content partners, and pornstars, finding a specific kind of video that matches your mood can be challenging. Thanks to filters, it’s easier than ever before for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. All a user needs to do is pick the category of video they’re most interested in. Selecting a category will filter through all videos from a user’s subscriptions, displaying only the videos that match that category. So if Anal is what you’re in the mood for, simply pick Anal from the categories list and you’ll get all the Anal Sex Videos from your subscriptions.

Subscribe to some YouPorn Channels today and try it out for yourself.