YouPorn User Dashboard Has Arrived!

youporn user dashboard
The All-New YouPorn user dashboard makes keeping track of your favorite free porn easier than ever before. Front and center are the six newest videos from your subscriptions, alongside your ten most recently favorited videos, below those sections you’ll find a listing of the last ten videos you liked, as well as the last ten videos you watched, and a summary of your uploads. If that isn’t enough, simply hit the “view more” option available for every section and you’ll get an extensive look at your subscriptions, favorites, liked, and previously viewed videos.

Not only does the new dashboard give users quick and easy access to their subscriptions and favorites without having to flip through multiple pages, the liked and previously viewed sections are a real lifesaver for those times when you forgot to favorite an amazing video on your last visit and are just dying to find and fap to it again.

To access the new YouPorn user dashboard, simply login to your YouPorn account and click on your username in top-right corner of the site. If you’re so inclined, you could even bookmark the dashboard page at

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