Getting To Know You: An Interview with @YouPornGirl


Unless you’re living in the backwoods somewhere, lack any kind of internet connection, or just don’t follow @YouPorn on Twitter, you probably already know about the newest addition to the YouPorn Team, the vivacious @YouPornGirl! Better known as Tainah, @YouPornGirl joined the team after becoming a staple part of the Are You Hardcore? Tour and has continued to rock the YouPorny-World on Twitter. So let’s get to know the newest and sexiest addition to the YouPorn Team a little better, shall we?

1) Tells us a little bit about yourself
My name is Tainah, I was born August 15, 1992 in Miami, Florida. I’m currently attending Broward College for my AA and will continue on to University of Central Florida within the next year for further post secondary education, studying Sociology. I work at a club as a shot girl and I love entertaining people, making people laugh because I am good at it (if you haven’t seen my tweets yet) I can sit on the beach all day, I’ve spent half of my life surfing. I’m always at the gym, constantly improving myself, but other than that I love to read, I love to learn and I love to make money. I’m a hard worker and full time student.

2) How did you become the @YouPornGirl?
Well I became the @YouPornGirl after being on the Are You Hardcore? tour this summer, I was a promo model for the parties in Florida. I was originally supposed to be the first YouPorn Girl of the tour but was not able to be stay on the whole tour due to my semester starting mid tour! So I just stayed for the Florida parties and soon enough after, I got a DM on twitter getting offered this job and I couldn’t turn it down!

3) What’s it like being the YouPornGirl?
Its beautiful! I absolutely love that I can make people laugh, make peoples days, and give someone something to look at. It’s really just changed my attitude. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I will catch myself being out in public expecting people to think I’m the YouPornGirl, haha! I love my followers, they love me, and if I can keep them interested forever I will! They’re great.

4) What’s your favorite category on YouPorn and Why?
I would say Interracial. I love seeing the aggressiveness of black men take over when they’re fucking a white or any other type of woman who doesn’t have a similar sex style.

5) What’s your all-time favorite video on YouPorn and Why?
This is hard. I can’t pinpoint a favorite because I like so many for reasons that they each differ from. Any video where the guy is talking dirty would be top of my list.

6) In your opinion, What makes YouPorn the best Porn Tube site online?
It’s free. It’s variety is insane. It makes me orgasm. Any type of mood I’m feeling at the moment, there’s a video for it.

7) What’s your favorite position?
ON TOP! I’m the biggest control freak in the whole world. That’s my time to shine. As long as you do not cum within under a minute, we will be fine! And I am about to contradict myself but doggy-style would be my second favorite just because I like to be held with force and give the man the chance to do work also.

8) What’s your wildest sex story? That you can actually share, of course.
I actually was dating a guy almost a year ago and his family happened to be extremely religious and he asked if I could come with him and his family to church one Sunday and I was like sure. So I went and we all went, and his parents had asked us to go get coffee for them and we suggested Dunkin Donuts and they were ok with that, so instead we went to the Ladies bathroom of the church, had sex, and brought them back the free coffee that the church provided and said Dunkin Donuts was too far, hahah, god bless us.

9) What’s next for YouPornGirl?
As @YouPornGirl i want to be able to promote the site and be able to show up at any YouPorn events to expose myself as the YouPornGirl, so I’m not just a cyber fantasy that my followers think I am. Willing to be associated with anything new or old YouPorn will be doing! I am ready for the next Are You Hardcore? Tour!

10) Has anyone recognized you or called you YouPornGirl offline yet?
So funny you ask this. I went to the club last weekend and I had a group of girls and two guys look at me weird and asked me if I was the @YouPornGirl and I said yes and they read me off some of my tweets they retweeted. :)

11) Anything else you’d like to add?
I am just so happy to be apart of the YouPorn family!

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