Sun, Beaches & Babes: Are You Hardcore Florida?!?

youporn's are you hardcore tour

Sun, beaches, babes… it seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the throws of a fantastic summer. Alas, the frosty bitch that is winter continues to rear her nasty head and it’s merely a matter of time before we are once again plummeted into the depths of an icy, snowy hell.

Nay, I say! I’m not prepared to roll over and be forcibly sodomized by the barb-dicked bitch of winter… I refuse!

Think happy thoughts… Warm thoughts… Wet, dirty, sticky, thoughts… Are You Hardcore thoughts. Think back to the end of August… Think of Diamond Kitty, Diamond Foxxx & Lexi Swallow parading their gorgeous bare bodies around the best parties in Florida! If the image of that in your head doesn’t fight off winter’s frosty hand, then these pics and videos from the Are You Hardcore Tour will kill the chill and get your temperature rising!

Are You Hardcore? Tour – Florida Party Pictures

The Vault
Gainesville, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Diamond Foxxx

Deko Lounge
Orlando, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Lexi Swallow

Kennedy Soho
Tampa, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Lexi Swallow

Tampa, FL
ft. Diamond Kitty & Diamond Foxxx

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