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Known for their top quality HD videos of gorgeous young ladies enjoying big black dicks, has teamed up with beautiful young brunette and AVN award winner, Dani Daniels, to bring you her first ever interracial sex video. Whether she’s eating hot wet pussy or riding hard cock, Dani never fails to please, and her expert handling of not just one, but two huge black cocks in her very first interracial threesome does not disappoint.

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YouPorn Girl Satine is back this week with another updated from the East Coast of the U.S. While in the states for some special summer school classes, she’s been travelling the east coast, taking in the sights, hitting all the stores she’s never seen before, and getting her shag on! Watch and see what she’s been up too, who knows, she may have even snuck a little titty flash into this week’s video.

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If you’ve been following YouPorn on Twitter or had a chance to drop in on our reddit AMA last week, then you no doubt know by now that we’ve been planning a push into the increasingly popular realm of esports. For those not in the know, esports is a general term used to encompass all competitive and professional video game players, teams, leagues, and tournaments. It’s a world that has grown by leaps in bounds in recent years, to the point where the most recent major DOTA2 tournament, The International 4, saw teams from around the world compete for a whopping $10 Million 1st place prize in front of thousands of live viewers and millions of online viewers; the tournament was even broadcast by ESPN.

Back in July we asked our followers on Twitter what they’d think of YouPorn sponsoring an esports team and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, so much so that we received hundreds of requests for sponsorship from teams around the world playing in games ranging from first person shooters like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to MOBAs like DOTA2, League of Legends, and everything in between. After reviewing all submissions and contacting a few short listed teams, a match was made!

We were hoping that, by the time our reddit AMA came around, the sponsorship agreement would have been signed, sealed, and delivered, but as of then we were still waiting for a few signatures. That being said, the deal is all but done, so we revealed to the world what the YouPorn esports team jerseys will look like, and they’re dead sexy!

In the coming weeks we hope to officially announce the completion of our sponsorship deal, at which points we’ll be revealing the lucky team’s name, roster, and more. Stay tuned, you aren’t going to want to miss it!


We’re very excited to announce the PornHub Network has struck an exclusive content deal with one of the most popular content producers on YouPorn, Fake Taxi! Now, if you want to see sexy amateur girls get picked up and fucked in the back of a taxi, you need look no further than the PornHub Network of sites.

Fake Taxi’s unique approach to public pickup porn has not only revolutionized the amateur porn business, but has also created an entirely new niche all it’s own. If you haven’t already enjoyed one of Fake Taxi’s hd porn videos, check out their most recent addition to YouPorn below, you’ll love it.

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youporn reddit ama


This Thursday, Aug. 21, the YouPorn team will be on hand to answer any and all of your deepest, darkest, groin grabbingest questions in our very first reddit AMA.

WHO: YouPorn Team
WHERE: reddit /r/IAMA
WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 21 @ 12:00pm EST (NOON)

Developers, managers, and marketing for YouPorn, as well as myself (YouPorn Jude), will all be standing by to answer questions, revel in compliments, and happily accept all the tit pics you’ve got to share. We’ll be online all afternoon, so be prepared and don’t miss your opportunity to talk directly with the YouPorn team.

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YouPorn Girl Satine is back once again for another video blog from the good ‘ole USA. This week she talks about kayaking at midnight, taking advantage of the sweet shopping deals in Pennsylvania, and straddling big, hot, powerful… horses. Don’t miss out. Tune in now to see what Satine has been up to.

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We’ve teamed up with our BFFs over at PornHub to put together a one-of-a-kind, exclusive porno prize pack, and it’s currently up for grabs for one of our lucky twitter followers.

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The #WinAllTheThings porno prize pack includes: 1 x YouPorn Hat, 1 x YouPorn T-Shirt, 1 x PornHub Hat, 1 x PornHub T-Shirt, “Caught” DVD by Wicked Pictures, “Love and Loss” DVD by Wicked Pictures, and an ass load of YouPorn and PornHub stickers!


Welcome, one and all, to another edition of the YouPorn Girl Video Blog! This week, Satine comes to you direct from the beautiful red, white, and blue states of the good ole’ USA. She’s in the states getting some specialized schooling for the next few months and will be touring and taking in the sights in her off time. Speaking of which, video blog #18 is all about Satine’s big adventures in the big apple, New York City.

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It’s time, once again, for another edition of the YouPorn Girl Video Blog series! This week, Satine gives us a first hand recounting of her fun and debauchery from the 2014 Download Festival this past June in the UK. Watch as she shares pictures, videos, live performance footage, and some sexy stories from the festival.

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new youporn search functions

Even with dozens of categories, channels, and collections to choose from, sometimes finding the kind of porn that best suits your mood can be challenging. In an effort to make finding the porn you’re in the mood for easier, we’ve made some major improvements to YouPorn search. You can now use – operators in search!

That’s right, just like you’re used to doing with Google searches, you can now specifically exclude terms from your YouPorn search queries. So if you’re looking for hardcore Anal sex videos, but can’t stand Gaping, simply search for “anal -gaping” and you’ll get all the glorious anal videos with none of the ass-stretching gaping videos.

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