youporn subscriptions just got betterSome time ago we introduced the world to YouPorn Subscriptions, giving users the ability to subscribe to content from their favorite users, content partners, and pornstars; later in the year we improved upon YouPorn subscriptions even further, adding new features like the ability to search within subscriptions; now we’ve taken subscriptions one step further with the addition of filters.

When you’ve subscribed to multiple users, content partners, and pornstars, finding a specific kind of video that matches your mood can be challenging. Thanks to filters, it’s easier than ever before for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. All a user needs to do is pick the category of video they’re most interested in. Selecting a category will filter through all videos from a user’s subscriptions, displaying only the videos that match that category. So if Anal is what you’re in the mood for, simply pick Anal from the categories list and you’ll get all the Anal Sex Videos from your subscriptions.

Subscribe to some YouPorn Channels today and try it out for yourself.


YouPorn FAQs: Here to Answer your Questions!
Forget your YouPorn password? Can’t find that video you uploaded? or maybe you can’t figure out how to make a new collection? Fear not! We’ve got the answers to all your burning, dirty little free porn questions covered with our new YouPorn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Gone are the days of having to email support with simple questions. Now you can quickly and easily skim through the YouPorn FAQs page for the issue you’re having and simply expand the question to find your solution. No trying to explain your issue in an email, no waiting to get a response, instant solution, instant gratification, just like free porn. Of course, not every issue can be taken care of with a simple FAQ, and for those issues, quality email support is always just a click away.


youporn sybian fuck yourself amateur video contest winners

A few months ago we teamed up with PornHub and Tube8 – and the good people of Sybian – to launch the Sybian Fuck Yourself Amateur Video Contest. After painstakingly reviewing and ranking the hundreds of top notch submissions received across all three sites, we are very happy to announce that the lucky winners have been chosen! Here’s a quick refresher of the awesome prizes that were up for grabs:


sybian sex toy


Pornstar approved, the Sybian is renowned for causing spine-tingling, leg-shaking, mind-blowing orgasms. Wrap your legs around this beauty and hold on tight because you’re guaranteed a ride you’ll never forget.

venus 2000 by sybian

HIS PRIZE: Venus 2000

Every man can appreciate an amazing blowjob, and it doesn’t get much better than this. Lay back, strap on the Venus 2000, and you’re in for a blowjob better than any pornstar could give. BONUS: It swallows every time!


The winner of “Her Prize”, a Sybian Sex Machine prize pack worth more than $1,745, is beautiful PornHub users, Elalovebi! In her amazing solo masturbation video (see below) she used not one, but four different sex toys to get her perfect pink pussy soaking wet.

“His Prize” winner, a Venus 2000 Sex Machine prize pack worth more than $1,090, is YouPorn’s very own, jamesdeantheman! In his solo jerk off video (see below) he strokes his long hard cock until shooting ropes of hot cum everywhere.

Congratulations to both of our lucky winners, we look forward to seeing more videos from you with your brand new toys!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest, though you may not have won this round, fear not, we’ve got more contests on the way, so stay tuned for your chance to win with YouPorn.

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youporn valentines day
No girlfriend? No boyfriend? No problem! There’s no such thing as forever alone when you’ve got YouPorn and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s no exception.

Don’t waste your money on flowers and chocolates, fancy dinners and nights out on the town, or spa days and salon treatments, kick back, relax, and enjoy some hard earned “me time” with your old friend, It won’t cost you anything and you’re guaranteed to get lucky. You can even keep to the theme of the day with YouPorn’s brand new Valentine’s Day video page background and a featured row of exclusive V-Day videos right on the homepage. So grab a drink and get comfortable, you’ve got a date with YouPorn!


Valerie Trierweiler YouPorn Ambassador?Noted French journalist and former First Lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler, was recently tossed away like yesterday’s baguette by her partner of eight years, François Hollande, the President of France. It’s alleged that le Président had been having an affair, and when said affair came to light, he decided to trade Trierweiler (48) in for a younger model, French Actress Julie Gayet (41).

Hot on the heels of this news, YouPorn has reached out to console Trierweiler, offering her the once in a lifetime opportunity to become YouPorn’s Ambassador to France, which just so happens to come with a comfortable $500,000 pay day.

Below is the official offer letter sent to Former First Lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler:

Dear Valerie Trierweiler,

My name is Brad Burns, Vice President of adult entertainment website, On behalf of our company, I’d like to formally extend an offer for you to serve as our French Ambassador and Spokesperson.

Given your recent unfortunate personal circumstances, we envision a possibility whereby you may be visiting some of our website properties in the near future. Couple that with your past experiences as a journalist, we think you would be a perfect candidate to act as our French ambassador, a post where you would be responsible for generating content around European pornography habits and act as a spokesperson.

Frankly, we have always admired the more liberal European attitude towards sex and believe that you may allow us to open more eyes to the importance of what we do. Given your high-profile and journalistic experience, we are willing to offer you a one-year $500,000 (U.S.D.) contract.

If possible, I’d love to continue our discourse to discuss the terms of contract.

We appreciate your consideration, and are looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

All the best,
Brad Burns, Vice President

Of course, being a fair lady of France, a French version was also sent. It can be found after the cut:

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When up and coming artists need to get the word out about a new track, releasing an uncensored music video on YouPorn is the way to go. YouPorn is quickly becoming the go to place for hosting and promoting uncensored music videos for new artists. Joining that list today is Malik Montana with his hype new track “Bad Bitch” ft. Fat Trel. A tight bass line, mad hook, and hot tattooed lesbians getting down and dirty definitely make it worth checking out.

You can follow Malik Montana, Fat Trel, and Drumma Battalion on Twitter and Instagram.

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Check out some of the other hot tracks on YouPorn:
“YouPorn Anthem (Uncensored)” by Brian McKnight
“Everybody Loves YouPorn” by Pervi Perverson
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This week, YouPorn Girl Satine has fun flashing her tits and showing off one of her many unique talents, pole dancing! That’s right, our very own slender sexy brit doesn’t just know her way around a big pole, she has a room in her house dedicated to one. Satine put together this sexy little routine just for you, her fans, so I hope you enjoy it.

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You may know her as a German reality TV star, 2013 Der Bachelor season 3 finalist, vocalist for the dance track “Ob Mann, Ob Frau”, or the woman behind KönigsKlasse and LustShoppen24, but now, now you’ll remember busty blonde bombshell, Melanie Muller, for baring it all and getting down and dirty in hardcore porn!

YouPorn and the PornHub Network of sites have scored exclusive access to a handful of hot, hardcore porn videos featuring the busty platinum blonde pin-up, Melanie Muller. Muller’s may be known best as a finalist on Der Bachelor, but in the porn world she’s known as Scarlet Young, and trust me when I tell you you’ll forget all about her time on Der Bachelor when you watch her work a hard cock and get her big beautiful tits sprayed with cum.

Don’t take my word for it though. Watch the above video, “Melanie Mullers Hardcore Sex aka Scarlet Young” for yourself, then head over to the Dschungel Melanie Channel on YouPorn for even more hot hardcore vids featuring Melanie Muller.


It’s time for another pussy drenching, dick stiffening edition of the weekly YouPorn Girl Video Blog. This week Satine talks about sticking to her New Year’s resolution of spending more time naked, doing a whole lot of wanking, and performing in loads of new porn shoots – including some hot girl-on-girl action! Tuck in, lube up, unzip, & enjoy, it’s show time.

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YouPorn Girl Satine is back once again with an all-new video blog, her first of the New Year! This week she talks about getting sexy undies and new sex toys for Christmas, relaxing and furiously wanking over the holidays, and taking plenty of dick. Enjoy the show.

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