Introducing the New YouPorn Uploader!

Introducing the New YouPorn Uploader!
Today, YouPorn has released the newest in what is a long line of changes that have been made to help improve upon the site’s overall user experience, the all-new Uploader. Vastly improving upon the old uploader, the new uploader provides user’s with numerous new options and settings, allowing uploaded videos to be customized more to the user’s liking, not only simplifying and improving the upload experience for the average user, but also improving the searchability and video viewing experience for every subsequent user.

User’s have two options for uploading videos: click the “Select file(s)…” button and manually seek out the correct file, or simply drag-and-drop the file from their system directly on to the upload page. The new uploader even supports multiple video uploads, making it easier for active users and the budding amateur pornstars of the world alike to upload all their content in a single session.

Once the user has selected the file(s) they’d like to upload they are prompted with a clear, concise, and easy to use details page where – while their video is being processed and thumbnails are being generated – they can choose a Type and Category for their video, as well as enter the Title, Description, Tags, and indicate any Pornstars appearing in the video. The user can also choose whether or not to allow comments on their videos and whether the video should be viewable publicly or only available privately. Once processed, the user will also be able to select the main thumbnail to display for their video.

From there, the user can choose to upload additional videos, view their uploaded videos, or browser to any of their favorite YouPorn pages to take in some fantastic free porn.