UPDATED – YouPorn Contest: Submit-A-Shirt & Win!

YouPorn Contest: Submit a YouPorn Shirt, Win a YouPorn Shirt

UPDATE: The Contest is Now Closed

UPDATE: As requested, the contest is now open to Everyone, regardless of location!

Submit-A-Shirt & Win!

That’s right peeps, it’s contest time again! This time we’ve decided to make things a little more interesting for those of you fortunate enough to be graphically-inclined. So slap on the headphones, crank up your creative-juice-flowing music, and design the best damn YouPorn shirt you can!

If we like your sexy shirt design you’ll score a sweet $25 Coupon Code to be used towards any purchase made in the Official PornHub Network Store! But wait, it gets better… If we REALLY like your YouPorn shirt submission, not only will we give you a $25 Coupon Code, we’ll Make Your Shirt, send you One For Free, and your shirt design could even end up Featured in the Store!


  • Download everything you need from the “Assets” section below…
  • Use those assets to design the most bad-ass, porn-irific, sex-crazed, YouPorn shirt design ever…
  • Once satisfied with your masterpiece, double-check the “Specifications” below & Submit It!



  • YouPorn logo must appear somewhere in/on your design.
  • Image background must remain transparent.
  • Stock T-Shirt image must remain on a separate (untouched) layer from all design elements.
  • Acceptable File Formats: EPS / PNG / PSD.
  • File cannot exceed 10MB in size, 3000 x 3000 Pixels in dimension, and must be a min. of 200dpi.

Submit Your Design:

If your incredible YouPorn TShirt creation is complete and meets all the above requirements, submit it now! To do so, simply send a copy to jude[-at-]youporn(~dot~)com, it’s just that easy.

The (Not So) Fine Print:

  • Coupon value: $20.50USD + $4.50USD Shipping Credit. Total value: $25. Full balance will be applied to a single order, any remaining unspent balance will be forfeit.
  • Contest has no end date and will run until, at the sole discretion of YouPorn, the decision is made to end the contest.
  • There is no limit to the number of designs a user can submit.
  • By submitting a design for this contest you acknowledge and accept the fact that, if selected for addition to the Official PornHub Network Store, your design may be adapted, modified, produced, and/or sold. In doing so, you acknowledge and relinquish any and all rights to remuneration for income in any way, shape, or form, generated by said design. You can, however, promote the fact and brag as much as you like about your design being added to the PornHub Network Store.

HINT: If the creative juices just won’t flow, try queuing up your favorite free porn video & rubbing one out first… That always works for me.

See the 1st Grand Prize Winner’s submission after the cut.


This magnificent piece of art is our first Winning Submission and comes to us from Alex V. of California. By submitting this piece of digital eye sex, Alex scored himself a $25 Coupon Code to be used in the Official PornHub Network Store, and he’ll be getting the very first t-shirt to come hot off the presses featuring his very own design! Who knows, his design could even become a staple around the PornHub Network Store.

And here’s how the shirt looks in the Wild!

Alex YouPorn Girl Live