Videos We ❤ Volume 7: Oiled Up Orgasms

Lubrication is a fantastic necessity to my sex life. I love being able to slip and slide all over my wife’s body while we’re touching each other. One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is give each other massages.

Nothing turns me on more than seeing her bare back shiny and glistening with a bit of massage oil. Sure mutual orgasms are nice, but sometimes my only goal is to make her body feel good.

I’ve put together a list of videos for you today that involve the joy of viscosity. You’ll see some sensual massages and some passionate love making. I hope they inspire you to make your self and your partner feel good.

For Passion-HD, the beauty is in the image quality. A solo session with Kylie Page turns into a couple’s massage. I love the attention that her lover pays to her breasts while she has her eyes closed and her head tipped back.

Emily Big Ass is a daring YouPorn Amateur with a wild side. She loves having fun where ever she can. She’s outside in her bathing suit and a bottle of baby oil in this next video, using her hand to get her partner off.

The fantasy aspect of this video really turned me on. A woman orders a couple’s massage for herself and her boyfriend but when the masseuse shows up, she uses some sliced cucumbers as a blindfold so that she can get a piece of the man. The voyeur in me loves the idea of someone else being in the room while I’m playing with my wife.

Hot stones and different massage techniques lead to orgasms in this Massage Rooms clip. Two women delve deep into their passion with touches that might be forbidden outside of the room they share. I love the orgasms and how vocal they both are.

You might cook in your kitchen, but Aylae Exposed gets hot. She’s a beautiful black amateur that knows exactly how she likes to be touched. A little bit of oil makes her whole body slick and she shows off every inch of it for her camera.

That’s it for this week Peepz. I hope these clips have inspired you to grab some slick liquids and get a little slippery the next time you’re in the mood for some sexy fun.

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