Videos We ❤ Volume 5: Snow Bunnies

Winter is finally here in New Jersey and we had our first snowfall last weekend. I kind of love winter because it means lots of snuggling and playing in the snow with my friends. We’re world champion snow person builders, btw.

That’s a lie.

But we’re still really good at it.

I decided to put together a list of sexy YouPorn videos that take place in and around the snow. If you’re going to get out into the world and actually try some snow sex with the person that you’re into physically, I’d suggest try to keep some of your clothes on. Leggings and long sweaters make excellent wardrobe choices for such an activity.

If you’re ready to be inspired, let’s get started! Get close to each other and hit play.

Two Australian friends get frisky in the snow while no one is watching. They kiss and touch each other, sometimes you’re not sure if they are shivering or just moving their fingers super quickly. Even though they’re only wearing high socks and hats, they keep each other nice and toasty.

A snowball fight turns into a pussy licking session in this next clip. The two lovers take things rather quickly and transition to sex in no time at all. She gets pretty loud when his balls start slapping up against her body.

YouPorn Amateur Anal Butterfly shows off all her assets while she’s flouncing around in the snow. Her lover pulls his pants down so she can orally manhandle his dick. I love how she gets goosebumps on her butt when she turns around to let him please her.

When French amateur model Vicalouqua goes snowboarding, she brings her camera with her. After taking us down the mountain, she shows off her body and rubs herself just a bit to give us a taste. He bush looks amazing in the crisp sunshine of the backdrop.

The music in this last video makes me feel like I’m watching a sexy snow adventure. Two girlfriends take a flirty romp in the snow but then come inside to get warm. They help each other undress and enjoy some sensual touches in the shower.

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I’ll see you next time. Keep loving yourself!