Apple TV + Airplay + YouPorn = Wireless Big Screen Bangin’!

use youporn with airplay and apple tv

We’ve given you hundreds of thousands of videos to watch online, we’ve made all those videos watchable on your mobile device via YouPorn Mobile, and now… now you can watch all those videos on the big screen, wirelessly! All you need to start wirelessly watching YouPorn on your TV is Apple TV, Airplay & an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Simply setup Apple TV, fire up your favorite portable iDevice, start streaming your favorite YouPorn videos, and with the click of a button on the video player, your favorite YouPorn video will pop-up on your big screen HD TV and begin to stream! No extra cables to get in the way and turn into a giant rats nest, just quick, easy, wireless streaming of your favorite YouPorn videos from your favorite iDevice to your TV.

We’re the first porn tube site to offer Apple TV and Apple Airplay compatibility, so set it up, check it out, and enjoy your porn on the big screen!