Who Gives A Flying F#*K? My Reddit Secret Santa, That’s Who!

youporn reddit secret santa gift

As some of you good, kind folk may or may not already know, this year, YouPorn got in on the action of the Annual Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange. The premise is the same as any of your standard intra-office or family Secret Santa Gift Exchanges but, as is everything with Reddit, this one is decisively bigger and infinitely more awesome.

Redditors from all over the world enter the exchange every year and some of the gifts that get shipped back and forth are nothing short of amazing. Last I saw there were more than 33,000 people registered for this year’s gift exchange, making it one of their biggest yet! Although most of the gifts are awesome, the part of the process I enjoyed most was having to learn as much as humanly possible about my match’s likes and dislikes using only their Reddit username, real name, address, and my masterful powers of internet-ery (shut up, it’s a thing). Through my sleuthing I was able to learn that our match has a naughty streak, and being the kings of porn, we couldn’t let an opportunity like that just slide by. So, without saying too much, I hope our match and her husband enjoy sharing their new alone time gifts, all $700+ of them. (Pics & Deets to come in a future post).

Oh, and you see that sweet little gem of an R/C Flying Fuck in the pic above? Yeah, that’s the wicked gift I received from my Reddit Gifter. It’s given me hours of co-worker harassing fun, thanks mystery gifter!